Monday, June 29, 2009

Mailbox Mondays

I really like this idea. I have seen it on several blogs, but I have no idea who started this to give credit where it is due. Plus I really like this mailbox picture...

These are the books that I have received over the last week:
Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase
Darkness Burning by Delilah Devlin
The Prize by Brenda Joyce
One Knight Only by Julia Lathem

New on my Kindle:
A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alert: Hot Summer Nights Contest

Hey Hey Hey... Book Junkie is holding one Spectacular contest for the entire month of July!! Head on over to her blog and get the complete scoop!!

This is how it is going to go:

4 weeks, 5 winners total!!! I am starting July’s first week Giveaway TODAY! I know a lot of people go away for the holiday and I wanted everyone who was interested in a chance to enter!!!

Each week you will be asked a trivia question about some of the authors in that week’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave your answer in the comment section (correct answer 1pt). PLEASE leave one comment!

**For extra entry points**
  1. Follow my Blog (2pt)
  2. Blog about the contest (2pts) **MUST leave me your blog link in post**

    Week One: Winner picked July 5th

Question for Contest: What are the names of the romantic leads in Karen Kelly's Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind?

PRIZES-----> Cat Johnson’s Signed Copy of Opposites Attract, Cynthia Eden’s Signed copy of her newest release Midnight’s Master, Karen Kelly’s signed copy of Close Encounter’s of the Sexy Kind & Nancy Warren’s signed copy of Under the Influence. PLUS lots of goodies from EVERY Author who contributed in my July Hot Summer Nights Giveaway!!

  • Winners will be chosen using on the Sunday of each week. Good luck to all!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eden at Twilight by Colleen Love


EDEN AT TWILIGHT is the story of Lily, a woman who wants love, and Leaf, the man who risks it all to love her.

Lily Moore is an ordinary accountant who works long hard hours, leaving room for little else. After strange occurrences begin haunting her, she’s convinced by a motherly friend to take a vacation in Scotland. While there, she meets the man of her dreams, a handsome stranger with shifting hazel eyes. Leaf falls for Lily the moment he sees her, love at first sight. Never has a woman taken his heart so quickly. When trouble stirs and threatens her, he stands by her side, traveling through time and dimension to reclaim her from a deadly Drow leader. Lily has no choice but to trust him and hope his strength will pull them through. But is his strength alone enough?

My Thoughts:

He came to her in her dreams, now Lily is face to face with her knight in shinning armor.

Feeling like she is cracking up, Lily has decided to take a vacation—maybe she can escape from the haunting presence.

Arriving at the picturesque cottage in Scotland, Lily meets the man of her dreams, literally. Leaf feels an instant connection to Lily and is shocked when he looks into the face of the woman from his dreams. Realizing that Lily feels the same connection he knows that it won’t take much persuasion to make her his, however he must tread lightly because he senses that all is not right with Lily’s life.

They are swept into another time after Lily is abducted in the middle of the night and taken to the magical garden, where Leaf barely reached her in time. Now they must battle this presence together and find a way back to their own time.

Eden at Twilight was a fascinating read that I will revisit again. This book will keep you spellbound and turning the pages until the very end.

**you will also find my thoughts/review on You Gotta Read

Orion by Roscoe James

He whispered in the dark.

‘Tell me where to touch you so I may drive you insane.’

She smiled.

He blew on her ear.

‘Tell me where you find the greatest pleasure.’

Her skin exploded in a million tiny bumps.

He trailed his finger down her spine and insisted.

‘Tell me of your most intimate place that I may rape and ravage you beyond all reason.’

She kissed him softly and whispered back.

‘Touch my mind.’


Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary
Length: Novel

Amid the towering monuments of Manhattan's concrete jungle, Pamela Wilkinson wasn't looking for a white picket fence and roses. She didn't yearn for silk sheets and gentle caresses. She wanted something else. Something different. Something good girls aren't supposed to crave and good boys know nothing about. She wanted more than the pull of rope against her wrists, the smell of leather in her nose, and the loud clang of the dungeon door slamming shut on her heart. She wanted the forbidden dance of master and submissive.

Horatio Sloan, wealthy eccentric and not easily denied, demanded more from Pamela than just her body. From a small art gallery in SoHo to the cold marble floor of his study, he would take from her more than her soul, demand more than just her heart, and possess her darkest, most secret place...

Her mind.

My Thoughts:

In Orion you follow Pam through her journey of finding and experiencing a new way of life. You watch her struggle with knowing what she wants while knowing that most people would find it completely insane. In the opening scenes of the book, Pam tells you that she doesn’t want just the average sexual relationship but someone to dominate her mind.

I was mesmerized by Pam’s journey into submissive. I was one of those people who would look at the pictures of leather, chains, collars, etc and think… Nasty. James puts your mind into another frame, allowing you to understand what is going through the mind of a submissive. It’s not about the sex or kink, but about pleasing your mate.

Anyone that is interested in BDSM really should read Orion. This book was thought provoking to say the least. James has created a world in which you are allowed to learn the inner workings of the mind of a submissive and a dominant. Following Pam through her journey, her decisions to become a submissive, the struggle of finding a Dom, her inner turmoil, and eventually her trial as a Dom will keep you intrigued and turning the pages.

**you will also find my review/thoughts on You Gotta Read .

Monday, June 22, 2009


I got this in an email and thought it was too funny not to share!! Enjoy!

I'm sure that you have seen pharmaceutical
advertising in doctor's offices on everything from tissues to exam table cover paper. Well, in my book, this one should get the prize...

One of our doctor buddies e-mailed back: 'If the light stays on for more than 4 hours, call your erectrician.'

Sunday, June 21, 2009

15 Books

I saw this over at Anna's Book Blog. Thought I'd give it a whirl. Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Here are my 15 books, in no certain order:

1. Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey
2. The Falcon and the Flower by Virginia Henley
3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
4. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J R Ward
5. Broken Wing by Judith James
6. Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
7. Honor's Splendor by Julie Garwood
8. The Harry Potter series by JK Rowlings
9. The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh
10. Pure Temptation by Connie Mason
11. The Princess Bride by William Goldman
12. Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts
13. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
14. Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
15. The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another June Giveaway!

Here's another great Give-Away. Alaine from Queen of Happy Endings is hosting this give away for the entire month of June. If you are a Christine Feehan fan you may want to check this one out. Elaine will be giving away both Fever and Burning Wild to one lucky winner on June 30. So head over to Queen of Happy Endings for a chance to win a couple of books by a great author!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daring Time by Beth Kery

He sees her, wants her, needs her…

Chicago Detective Ryan Daire has many secrets: a love for Shakespeare, an appreciation for the all the finer things in life, and an absolute lack of restraint in the bedroom. Now he has an even bigger secret. In every shifting shadow of the sprawling mansion he’s recently inherited he can see her—tempting, ethereal, and untouchable. Hope Stillwater inhabited that mansion in 1906. Raw desire has formed a conduit between these two passionate souls who are separated by the barrier of time.

Now he has to have her.

Intoxicated by each other’s presence, Ryan and Hope are closer than ever to crossing that inviting boundary between two worlds. But there is one grave danger: Ryan’s job has put him on the trail of a depraved criminal in an investigation that’s risking Hope’s eternal fate and happiness. Now he must do whatever it takes to change history, protect Hope from harm, and set his own desires free.

My Thoughts: This was a wonderful book. I was chomping at the bit to finally get my hands on it and start reading. I put everything else aside and dived in.

Ryan is one hunky cop who has just been gifted a mansion. He is tossing around the idea of selling it until he goes in to see it for the first time. He is hit with visions of a beautiful woman from a past era. He partner and friend Rodriguez says the house is haunted, that the woman Ryan keeps seeing is a ghost. Ryan can't explain it but he knows she is not dead.

Hope a beautiful strong willed woman from 1906 has had the shock of a life time... she sees Ryan standing in her mirror, but he is no where in her bedroom. There must be some explanation... her wanton thoughts must have conjured a vision of a God.

Beth Kery did a superb job in introducing us to both Ryan and Hope, bringing them together and battling slavery in both time periods. I was completely pulled into the plot as well as the passion and love experienced between Ryan and Hope. Ms. Kery was the first author to introduce me to BDSM, she takes the dirty out of it and creates something special, allowing you to feel not only the excitement between lovers but the feelings they are experiencing as well. After reading Wicked Burn in March, I knew that Ms. Kery was going to be putting out A+ novels. I an anxiously anticipating her up coming release of Sweet Restraint, look for it July 7!

Slaves of Shebwai by Scarlett Vaughn


King Henrick of Capriana charges Lady Eronica of Tibeth with a dangerous and seductive mission to cross the ocean and spy on his enemy, the Sultan of Shebwai. Driven by patriotism and a desire to ascend beyond her station, Eron nevertheless feels as though she and her maid Corine may be in over their heads.

Trained in the arts of pleasure and servitude, Eron regularly turns the tide to her advantage: first as a pirate’s captive, then as a harem slave. Even the mysterious captain of the Angry Goddess, James Jovark, cannot tame her, though she may have, in fact, tamed his heart.

Eron must match wits against Sultan Jatuu and elude the evil of his Necromancer in order to somehow escape back to Capriana. But Eron never intended to fall in love along the way.

My Thoughts:

Eron is going on a secret mission to infiltrate the Sultan of Shebwai’s palace. The only other person that knows the details of this mission is King Henrick II. Eron has been trained in the arts of pleasure, whether it is the dominant or the submissive. Taking her servant and friend Corine along on this trip, she is hoping that the worse does not come to fruition. She is relying heavily on her beauty, wits and training to accomplish what needs to be done. If she fails it not only will cost her her life but it could also be the end to the Kingdom. She is counting on the pirates sailing the waters to abduct her and sale her on the Shebwai’s slave market, and praying that she is bought by the Sultan himself.

This book is not for the faint of heart; it definitely contains some explicit content. That being said Slaves of Shebwai is definitely a book that I would recommend. I enjoyed the story and was kept on edge through the entirety, a real page-turner. James brings helps to bring about what I am always looking for, the romance and a Happy Ever After. There were times when I didn’t not know how Ms. Vaughn was going to pull it off, but she did so splendidly.

***I have started reviewing for You Gotta Read, This is one of the books I just read and reviewed for the group. You will also find this review on their blog.

Contest at Royal Reviews

Who wants to win a copy of Jennifer Ashley's The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie?

The ladies at Royal Reviews is holding a giveaway for this book until June 30. Hurry over and enter for your chance to win!!

These ladies are also hosting Emily Bryan all week, there are several chances to win one of her books. They are located in Australia so there is a time difference--which I have yet to master!

Thank You!!!

As you can see my blog has undergone a major change. Thanks to Barbara, who graciously offered to revamp my blog, I have a really pretty new look!!

I cannot say THANK YOU enough Barbara for taking the time to do this. I absolutely love it!!! Not only did you give me the new look but you fixed my problem with the three column and you gave two very HOT pictures of Gerard!!!

In the coming days I will be replacing items that we lost in the process and hopefully finding something new to put up. My blog list was one of the things that got lost, I have tried to add many of you back to it, as this is how I find everyone, so if I haven't added your blog back please email me and let me know that I am missing you.

My Current Wallpaper

KristieJ is curious to see what we are currently using as our wallpaper on our computers. I thought I would share a little too...

I change my wallpaper every so often but my current is:

This is a picture that my daughter took last year on vacation. We were visiting our friends in Maryland and took a detour on the way up through the Antietam Battle field. I absolutely love this picture.

I use a lot of pictures of my family, especially my kids, and pictures from vacations. I also put pictures of the Hunky Gerard up, but that one is already on my blog for all to see. I don't like putting the family pictures out in cyberspace, but I figure my daughter has enough of her self portraits and silly pictures of her and her friends out on Myspace so it won't kill me to use this one to show a little more about me.

Little CJ Award

Barbara awarded me this cute but scary little award. I am not one to play around with the Voodoo stuff, so as to not to make Little CJ mad I am following through with this award.

Little CJ...
“You have to award it to two people or I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick pins in it. Was that not clear? And, if those two people do not award it to two other people, I will make voodoo dolls of them, and stick pins in them.”

This award is being passed on to a couple of great ladies!
Heather at Heather's Books
Beth at Just Your Average Carpool Queen

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something Fun

Barbara posted this little survey and I thought it would be fun to share a few things about me!

1. What thing is nearest to you? Cup of coffee, phone, and Kindle (reading Orion, I think thats the name)

2. What is your ringtone? For everyone: Chicken Fried by Zach Brown Band, For my husband: How Do You Like Me Now by Toby Kieth, Daughter: Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedinfield, Son: Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sister: Mercy by Duffy

3. What was the last message in your inbox? It's from my hubby: A picture of a biker wearing a leather vest with a picture of Arlington Cemetery that says "Freedom doesn't come free"... the biker is standing in the Arlington Cemetery.

4. Who is your best friend? My husband of course, but I have to add my sister Terrie and my best friend Angie

5. What is the brand of your TV? Sanyo HD

6. What schools did you attend? Elementary, Junior High, High School & Community college... heading to the big 4 year in the fall.

7. Do you own a MP4? What the heck happened to MP3? (I agree with Barbara here)

8. What song are you listening to now? Second Chance by Shinedown

9. Did you kiss anybody in the past 2 days? Yes.

10. Have you ever kissed someone you met in the blogosphere? No

11. What would you want to call yourself if you didn't have your current name? I think I would go by my middle name...Brooke, I love it and have said that if I were to ever have another little girl that would be her name.

12. Would you be happy if you had everything? Eh, probably not.

13. Are you always thinking of someone special? yes, I'm always thinking about my kids.

14. Tell us of your most desperate dream? not really sure... I have almost everything that I want or need... I have had my dream house only to have my dream change (house in the country with the wrap around porch and a magnolia tree) I guess now would be to have a place closer to the ocean with an unlimited supply of books.

15. When did you last laugh till you cried? over the weekend, one of my nephews is a riot!!

16. If you had a crush, would you tell them you love him/her now? I tell my husband everyday, but if there were no husband and there was a crush on someone else... most definitely. Life is too short to left things unsaid.

17. If you could be anywhere in the world now, where would you want to be? A beach, maybe one in the Grand Cayman. We went there several years ago and I can just about see myself living there.

18. When was your heart last broken? 8 years ago

19. Whose birthday(s) is/are coming up? My nephew (6-23) and my daughter's (6-26)

20. How many email accounts do you have? Two that I use all the time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In my mailbox

I know I just posted about the books I bought last week and the two that I had received in the mail. I don't use my home address for anything, all that I get here at the house is junk mail. I do this because-- when we first moved out here there were a string of mailbox burglaries going on. Instead of having to worry whether or not I was going to get my checks stolen, my husband and I opted to get a PO Box. There hasn't been a problem since the first year, but we have kept the PO Box for several reasons 1. If its raining and I can't get the mail right away, it stays dry (OK this is a lame excuse). 2. If I go out of town I don't have to place a hold on my mail. 3 I know my mail is there and no one but USPS employees are going to get their grubbies on it.

Any way I had to make a post office run today. I was delighted to find two books waiting for me!

Kiss of the Wolf by Morgan Hawke (ordered from PBS)


Thorn Ferrell is a courier for the new American Secret Service, entrusted with carrying a secret message into Rumania in the dead of winter. It would be impossible for anyone to pass the Carpathian Mountains, but not Thorn, for she is also a werewolf. Settling into a deep cave for the night, she senses something else there in the dark...something not quite human, something that provokes both fear and a primal lust. And then he appears—tall, sensual, predatory, with black eyes and a body of carved beauty...

As a vampire, Yaroslav is used to hunting for prey. But the beautiful naked woman who emerges from the wolf's form arouses a far different hunger. She is his equal in power, sensual skill, and carnal appetite. If he cannot tame her, he can certainly pleasure her. As they spend the night taking each other to new heights of raw need and unimaginable bliss, Yaroslav experiences something new, a desire so deep he will do anything to keep his new lover by his side forever...


Book Description:
From Seeing Eye dogs to the cat who cuddles in your lap, animals are there for us in more ways than we can count. Helping us get through the day with a wag of the tail and a tilt of the head, they let us know that someone is on our side—no matter what. They also have an amazing ability to break down barriers between people; bringing families and loved ones closer, and giving strangers an excuse to strike up a conversation. In Tails of Love, each writer draws from her own unique perspective on our loyal friends—exploring the many mysterious ways they bring love into our lives.

Thank You Anna for holding this giveaway and giving me the chance to experience this wonderful book as well as being part of something so much more. All author and agent proceeds go to a no-kill animal shelter: Animal Adoption Foundation

Thank you Sue-Ellen Welfonder for giving me such a great book!!

This week in books

Last week my husband and I spent a couple of days with some friends in Maryland. On our way back to DC we took a detour and headed over to Boonsboro, MD where you can find Turn the Page Cafe, a cute little bookstore owned by Nora Roberts. Being my ditzy self I forgot my camera on my bed and had to buy a disposable one. I just finished using it up and will get it to the drug store to be developed. Anyway, since I have a few minutes before I start my yard work, I figured I would share with you the books that I got from TTPC.

All three books that I picked up were autographed copies. I really wish that I would have been able to see Nora on this trip, but I knew that the chances were slim to none. However I might be able to if I go back to VA with my mother next month. She is having a book signing at the shop with several other authors, including Stephanie Laurens and Linda Howard.

Visions in White- Book 1 in the Wedding Quartet.

Nora cordially invites readers to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac--founders of Vows, one of Connecticut's premier wedding planning companies

Wedding photographer Mackensie "Mac" Elliot is most at home behind the camera, but her focus is shattered moments before an important wedding rehearsal when she bumps into the bride-to-be's brother . . . an encounter that has them both seeing stars.

A stable, safe English teacher, Carter Maguire is definitely not Mac's type. But a casual fling might be just what she needs to take her mind off bridezillas. Of course, casual flings can turn into something more when you least expect it. And Mac will have to turn to her three best friends--and business partners--to see her way to her own happy ending.

I already had a copy of this on my Kindle, but when I spied it on the shelf I just had to get it. This copy has what I call unfinished edges, it looks like all of the pages were torn in half and then placed into the book, plus it is an autographed copy. I will probably read my copy on the Kindle and put this one away for safe keeping.

The Law of Love-- This Reissue includes Lawless (1989) adn The Law Is A Lady (1984)

Lawless--Half Apache and all man. Jake Reman was more than a match for the wild Arizona Territory. Sarah Conway, on the other hand was an Eastern lady who belonged anywhere else but on the rugged land Jake loved. But beneathe Sarah's ladylike demeanor beat the heart of a true pioneer, a woman he yearned to make his own.

The Law Is A Lady -- Once Phillip Kincaid fixed his mind on something, he set about getting it. And as soon as he'd stopped in Friendly, New Mexico he knew the town was the perfect locale for his film. And no-nonsense Sheriff Victoria Ashton looked pretty good to him too! But Tory was giving Phillip a run for his money-making him all the more determined to show her that even a lady of the law can surrender willingly love.

The Kiss by Sophia Nash

He had once been her cherished childhood companion, and then the man she had lusted after in secret, but Georgiana Wilde hasn’t seen the recently widowed Quinn Fortesque since the day he married another woman and shattered her heart. Then fate intervenes and brings the man she dreams about each night back to her . . .

Returning to the estate on family business, Quinn would like nothing more than to turn the land over to Georgiana and leave the memories of his former life behind. But then the brooding marquis finds himself under the spell of the hidden beauty he once left behind. With her barely concealed passions, Georgiana melts his coolly guarded heart. Suddenly his well-ordered world is in danger of crashing down. And it all begins with just one
kiss. . .

Turn The Page Cafe has a pretty good selection of books. It has a room specifically for kids, a special room just for Nora, a little room that contains all sorts of fiction, and another area that has some interesting non-fiction books. Next time you are in the Maryland area, I would suggest swinging by and grabbing a book and cup of coffee and sit back and relax.

Now that my mother has finally found a house and will be moving in July, I will probably find myself at this bookstore at least once a year. My mother is as big of fan of Nora as I am, and she reads quite a bit more than I do now, so I am sure that one the trips up we will make a quick little jaunt over to Turn the Page Cafe.

Moving on...

I received Daring Time by Beth Kery and Rogue Cheryl Brooks in the mail recently, both were books that I have won in the awesome giveaways that my fellow bloggers put on.

I have actually finished reading Daring Time. I couldn't resist picking this one up as soon as it came in. I will be posting more about it in the coming days.

Friday morning, I started my day a little earlier than normal due to my husband's schedule, anyway I was doing my normal morning routine... cup of coffee and blogs, when my son called to tell me Grandma was sick. My mother has had a cold for over a week, so I really didn't think anything of the comment, but asked to speak with my mother anyway. She told me that her kidneys were giving her some problems and that my stepfather was on his way back to pick her (and all 3 boys) up to take to the E.R. I could hear the pain that my mother was in... it reminded me of trying to talk to a woman in labor. So I immediately asked if I should come and get the boys. My mother being my mother said lets wait and see what the doctor says first. I am thinking are you crazy. Any way long and short of it, I called my husband (luckily before he went into his meeting) and told him what was going on and that I was going to need to leave to go get my son and nephews. I had yet to call my sister to see if she wanted to join me. My husband, bless his heart, called his boss and said that he had a family emergency and could not make it to this meeting and turned around and came home. We were in the car and headed to Winchester Virginia by 9:30.
We arrived around 7:30 and turned right back around. Yes we did stop. There was absolutely no way for us to drive another 9 hours home, but we also had alterior motives to where we stopped. Last spring we vacationed in Massanutton area and knew of this indoor/outdoor water park. We decided we were going to make a mini vacation out of this last minute trip. My husband left his book on the night stand and thought that he needed to buy a new one. We found a B&N and made a quick stop. Now when I am with my family, I find it really hard to shop for books for myself... does anyone else have this problem? I have so many books to read and not enough time to read them that I also feel guilty for buying new ones. So I was really good. I found two books for my son, who would have had 10 but I am trying to teach him that he needs to actually read the ones he has before going out and loading up on new ones, and one book for each of my nephews. Haiden (4 yrs) loves Biscuit and Ryan (9)...was difficult... got a Magic Treehouse. My husband was shopping for himself while I tried to coral these three boys in one area. I did get a few minutes to myself to look.
Does anyone else expereince this problem-- You have a mental list of books that you want, you get to the bookstore and poof that list is gone? Now I know I wanted certain books-- In Bed With a Stranger by Mary Wine (couldn't remember the author's name), A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore, Her Ladyships Companion by Evangeline Collins, Megan Hart, Pamela Claire, and many more. Since I couldn't remember author names or titles of books, I kind of just glanced at the bookshelf. I finally thought of Pamela Claire... but guess what she is not on the shelf. If it were not for my fellow bloggers I would honestly think that I made this woman up. I can never find her in stores or the library. I ran across Jennifer Haymore and Evangeline Collins.

I picked both of them up and headed back to my husband and the boys, knowing my husband was going to make some sort of wise crack about getting books. "You have how many books at home unread?", "Why are you buying books, you have the Kindle, you don't need books anymore" and sure enough when I get to him, he gives me that look... the one that you know so well, the one that tells you his mind is working at top notch and you can't get anything by him... yeah that one. I was lucky to get out of the store with just one book. He made me choose, and trying to remember that I had three very young and impressionable boys standing behind him, I did what any adult woman would do, I threw a fit... no I made a choice, and the whole time I am thinking you just wait until your back is turned. LOL
My husband does not understand my obsession with books, I don't think he ever will. Any way I chose Evangeline Collins. I will head out later this week and hit the B&N again without my husband, I have to get my mother a Birthday present and what better gift than a bag of books!!!

I am awaiting several more books, and when I get them I will be sure to share...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contests This Week!!

Book Junkie is having her first ever personal contest!! She will be giving one lucky winner a copy of Relentless by Lauren Dane.This contest ends June 15, so hurry on over to her site and enter!

Barbara is giving away an Autographed ARC copy of Bound by Your Touch by Meridith Duran.

You will need to quickly Run over to her blog Happily Forever After, she will be picking and announcing the winner June 13!!!

And don't forget to check out Anna's blog. She is celebrating 2 great years of blogging with an Awesome month long contest. Each week she will be giving out some fabulous prizes!! Week two contest will be open until Midnight June 13, where she will choose 4 lucky winners!!

Amy C. is hosting an Eye Candy giveaway. Check out her blog , she will be picking a winner Friday!

Blanche is holding her Wednesday Book Giveaway, this one is actually closing today! Hurry over to Blanche's blog and place your comment.

Kathleen is having a Kickoff Summer give-away, with 9 books up for grabs. She will be running this contest until July 5. If you are interested in some Young Adult books, this would be the contest for you! Check it out at All The World's a Stage.

I think that will do it for now! Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North and South

I have finally joined the ranks of many fellow bloggers who have been raving about North and South. I know this contest is over, but Lea may I please change my vote for the best kiss... hands down, the kiss between Thornton and Margaret was so much better than the one on the Titanic. I had to vote for Titanic as I had not yet scene the kiss for North and South. I am now officially casting my vote in with North and South. I don't know if it was the kiss so much as what transpired leading up to the kiss. This is definitely a movie I will need to purchase in the near future, for now though I will happy to watch it over and over again on my computer through Netflix. This is probably the most romantic movie I have seen this year!! And to think that I had no clue what I had been missing. Ugh!!

And I must say that I really had no idea who Richard Armitage was. I know I have seen him other movies before and I have heard Ms.M rave about him. Now I know and am soo on this band wagon too!!

New In Town

We received two movies from Netflix before we headed out of town Saturday. All I wanted to do last night was sit back and relax. We had a horrible experience at the airport that had me wanting a good stiff drink, and I am tempted to never use Atlanta Airport again. Anyway, we popped "New In Town" into the dvd player and sat back to watch.

Renee Zellweger is "New In Town"

Now, I remember wanting to see this movie when it came out in theaters, but I can never get my family to go to these movies so I just wait for it to come out on DVD. I was really shocked when my husband picked this one out of the two movies. It has been hit or miss with the romantic comedies lately, I either love them or I hate them. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie last night. I am not a huge Renee Zellweger fan, but she was definitely the right person for the job. She had the perfect snooty attitude that transform into kindness and caring for a group of people who are so totally different from her and what she is use to. I think that my husband's added commentary helped out a little. He is from Iowa, and oftern travels to Minnesota so there was plenty of commentary from the Peanut Gallery in the reclyner. Really this movie was funny and very sweet. I give it two thumbs up!!! Definitely go and rent this one.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pity Party!!

I am so not Lovin' this weekend. Both my children are leaving me. My daughter is spending six long weeks with her father in Michigan. My son, the baby at a whopping 6 yrs old, is going to spend a week with my mother in the DC area. My husband and I are actually flying with my son and meeting my mother at the airport to drop him off. We will then spend a couple of days with some friends in Maryland. I am going to have a week without either of my kids. You would think that I would be jumping up and down and shouting "Freedom" (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart), but I'm not. As much as I whine about not having alone time or peace and quiet, I am going to desperately miss my kids. I have gotten use to my daughter leaving for weeks at a time, she has been doing it since she was 5, but not my son! What makes it worse is that my son has been counting down the days until he leaves... talk about twisting the knife. I know that he will be well taken care of and that he will have a great time with his cousins, but does he have to be so excited about it!!

OK I am done with my pity party for now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heads UP!!

Thanks to Lea I have another contest to share with all of you! Yes, I have my selfish reasons for sharing this, I get an extra entry into the contest, but it is always Great to hear about new (to me) blogs and share what they are offering in their posts.

The Book Queen is having an interview and contest with Dawn Halliday! I found out something new about this author when reading the interview, maybe you will too! Plus if you leave a comment for Dawn you get a chance of winning Highland Obsession. So run on over and visit The Book Queen and meet Dawn Halliday.

And don't forget to visit Anna at Anna's Book Blog to help celebrate her two year anniversary! Anna is also hosting a book giveaway for Sue Ellen Wolfonder, Tails of Love--proceeds from this book go to a very good cause, so you might want to look into this book even if you don't win!

Dust and Moonlight by Keta Diablo

Blurb: Balion, Prince of Locke Cress, waited a long time for the forest nymph with lavender eyes to come to him. The dreams told him it was just a matter of time. What they hadn’t told him was that he’d lose his heart to the strange creature from another world.

After the serial killer attacked Kira, she awoke in a strange land. Now, she’s running for her life from wild boars, wizards, and sorcerers, not to mention a Prince that makes her body melt in all the wrong places. Facing extraordinary circumstances as the evil plots unfold, Kira fights for her life, and for a love that neither time nor distance can ever dispel from her soul.

Keta out did herself! I had the pleasure of reading Land of Falling Stars several months ago and knew instantly that I had found an author that was going to be on auto buy. This is actually the third book I have read by this author and it just keeps getting better. I have yet to be disappointed.
In Dust and Moonlight, Keta brings Kira to another world in another time. A land where her father was summoned from. She has traded one battle for another and is faced with the chance at a love that will know no bounds. Her desire to go home is at battle with the desire to stay wrapped in Balion's strong arms of love.
Dust and Moonlight is a definite 5 star read that I highly recommend to any one with a love for romance, fantasy, and time travel

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharing the news!

Alright I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer. It was so simple that it never even crossed my mind that there was an issue with it. Friday afternoon I let my son play on a game site, one I grudgingly allow, and he forgot to turn off the internet when he was done. Well when I logged on that night I couldn't even check my email. Any site that required a log in and password came up with an error message... something to the effect of the secure something has expired June 2010. I ran all my checks with Norton, restarted my computer, changed from Mozilla to IE 8 and nothing worked. I checked my husband's computer to see if he was having the same issues, of course he wasn't. I finally googled the error message. Someone else, thankfully for me, had the same problem and put it to a computer tech guy, who really had no idea how to solve the problem. The tech guy said that the person who had this problem solved it himself and then quoted what the guy said in a private email. So of course I went straight to that area of my computer to find out if I was having the same problem. Yes, my date was wrong on my computer. Some how the stupid calendar was set at June 1, 2033. I am so glad that I didn't dish out a min of $100 to have some guy tell me that I was not very smart! LOL

Now that I have shared my computer issues, and I have not finished a book this weekend, I have only one other thing to share. Thanks to the lovely Barbara I have heard about another contest. And what an AWESOME contest it is.

Anna from Anna's Book Blog is celebrating her two year anniversary of blogging. In her celebration she is having "Totaly Rockin" (as Barbara says) giveaway! I'm only posting one of her prize package pictures. You will have to run over to her site to see the rest, Believe me you don't want to miss this contest!!

How to enter: To enter just leave a comment on this post. The contest will run from all week. She will post the winners at midnight on June 6th. This contest is open to all. It's important if you don't have a blogger account to leave an email address where you can be reached.

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