Monday, June 15, 2009

This week in books

Last week my husband and I spent a couple of days with some friends in Maryland. On our way back to DC we took a detour and headed over to Boonsboro, MD where you can find Turn the Page Cafe, a cute little bookstore owned by Nora Roberts. Being my ditzy self I forgot my camera on my bed and had to buy a disposable one. I just finished using it up and will get it to the drug store to be developed. Anyway, since I have a few minutes before I start my yard work, I figured I would share with you the books that I got from TTPC.

All three books that I picked up were autographed copies. I really wish that I would have been able to see Nora on this trip, but I knew that the chances were slim to none. However I might be able to if I go back to VA with my mother next month. She is having a book signing at the shop with several other authors, including Stephanie Laurens and Linda Howard.

Visions in White- Book 1 in the Wedding Quartet.

Nora cordially invites readers to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac--founders of Vows, one of Connecticut's premier wedding planning companies

Wedding photographer Mackensie "Mac" Elliot is most at home behind the camera, but her focus is shattered moments before an important wedding rehearsal when she bumps into the bride-to-be's brother . . . an encounter that has them both seeing stars.

A stable, safe English teacher, Carter Maguire is definitely not Mac's type. But a casual fling might be just what she needs to take her mind off bridezillas. Of course, casual flings can turn into something more when you least expect it. And Mac will have to turn to her three best friends--and business partners--to see her way to her own happy ending.

I already had a copy of this on my Kindle, but when I spied it on the shelf I just had to get it. This copy has what I call unfinished edges, it looks like all of the pages were torn in half and then placed into the book, plus it is an autographed copy. I will probably read my copy on the Kindle and put this one away for safe keeping.

The Law of Love-- This Reissue includes Lawless (1989) adn The Law Is A Lady (1984)

Lawless--Half Apache and all man. Jake Reman was more than a match for the wild Arizona Territory. Sarah Conway, on the other hand was an Eastern lady who belonged anywhere else but on the rugged land Jake loved. But beneathe Sarah's ladylike demeanor beat the heart of a true pioneer, a woman he yearned to make his own.

The Law Is A Lady -- Once Phillip Kincaid fixed his mind on something, he set about getting it. And as soon as he'd stopped in Friendly, New Mexico he knew the town was the perfect locale for his film. And no-nonsense Sheriff Victoria Ashton looked pretty good to him too! But Tory was giving Phillip a run for his money-making him all the more determined to show her that even a lady of the law can surrender willingly love.

The Kiss by Sophia Nash

He had once been her cherished childhood companion, and then the man she had lusted after in secret, but Georgiana Wilde hasn’t seen the recently widowed Quinn Fortesque since the day he married another woman and shattered her heart. Then fate intervenes and brings the man she dreams about each night back to her . . .

Returning to the estate on family business, Quinn would like nothing more than to turn the land over to Georgiana and leave the memories of his former life behind. But then the brooding marquis finds himself under the spell of the hidden beauty he once left behind. With her barely concealed passions, Georgiana melts his coolly guarded heart. Suddenly his well-ordered world is in danger of crashing down. And it all begins with just one
kiss. . .

Turn The Page Cafe has a pretty good selection of books. It has a room specifically for kids, a special room just for Nora, a little room that contains all sorts of fiction, and another area that has some interesting non-fiction books. Next time you are in the Maryland area, I would suggest swinging by and grabbing a book and cup of coffee and sit back and relax.

Now that my mother has finally found a house and will be moving in July, I will probably find myself at this bookstore at least once a year. My mother is as big of fan of Nora as I am, and she reads quite a bit more than I do now, so I am sure that one the trips up we will make a quick little jaunt over to Turn the Page Cafe.

Moving on...

I received Daring Time by Beth Kery and Rogue Cheryl Brooks in the mail recently, both were books that I have won in the awesome giveaways that my fellow bloggers put on.

I have actually finished reading Daring Time. I couldn't resist picking this one up as soon as it came in. I will be posting more about it in the coming days.

Friday morning, I started my day a little earlier than normal due to my husband's schedule, anyway I was doing my normal morning routine... cup of coffee and blogs, when my son called to tell me Grandma was sick. My mother has had a cold for over a week, so I really didn't think anything of the comment, but asked to speak with my mother anyway. She told me that her kidneys were giving her some problems and that my stepfather was on his way back to pick her (and all 3 boys) up to take to the E.R. I could hear the pain that my mother was in... it reminded me of trying to talk to a woman in labor. So I immediately asked if I should come and get the boys. My mother being my mother said lets wait and see what the doctor says first. I am thinking are you crazy. Any way long and short of it, I called my husband (luckily before he went into his meeting) and told him what was going on and that I was going to need to leave to go get my son and nephews. I had yet to call my sister to see if she wanted to join me. My husband, bless his heart, called his boss and said that he had a family emergency and could not make it to this meeting and turned around and came home. We were in the car and headed to Winchester Virginia by 9:30.
We arrived around 7:30 and turned right back around. Yes we did stop. There was absolutely no way for us to drive another 9 hours home, but we also had alterior motives to where we stopped. Last spring we vacationed in Massanutton area and knew of this indoor/outdoor water park. We decided we were going to make a mini vacation out of this last minute trip. My husband left his book on the night stand and thought that he needed to buy a new one. We found a B&N and made a quick stop. Now when I am with my family, I find it really hard to shop for books for myself... does anyone else have this problem? I have so many books to read and not enough time to read them that I also feel guilty for buying new ones. So I was really good. I found two books for my son, who would have had 10 but I am trying to teach him that he needs to actually read the ones he has before going out and loading up on new ones, and one book for each of my nephews. Haiden (4 yrs) loves Biscuit and Ryan (9)...was difficult... got a Magic Treehouse. My husband was shopping for himself while I tried to coral these three boys in one area. I did get a few minutes to myself to look.
Does anyone else expereince this problem-- You have a mental list of books that you want, you get to the bookstore and poof that list is gone? Now I know I wanted certain books-- In Bed With a Stranger by Mary Wine (couldn't remember the author's name), A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore, Her Ladyships Companion by Evangeline Collins, Megan Hart, Pamela Claire, and many more. Since I couldn't remember author names or titles of books, I kind of just glanced at the bookshelf. I finally thought of Pamela Claire... but guess what she is not on the shelf. If it were not for my fellow bloggers I would honestly think that I made this woman up. I can never find her in stores or the library. I ran across Jennifer Haymore and Evangeline Collins.

I picked both of them up and headed back to my husband and the boys, knowing my husband was going to make some sort of wise crack about getting books. "You have how many books at home unread?", "Why are you buying books, you have the Kindle, you don't need books anymore" and sure enough when I get to him, he gives me that look... the one that you know so well, the one that tells you his mind is working at top notch and you can't get anything by him... yeah that one. I was lucky to get out of the store with just one book. He made me choose, and trying to remember that I had three very young and impressionable boys standing behind him, I did what any adult woman would do, I threw a fit... no I made a choice, and the whole time I am thinking you just wait until your back is turned. LOL
My husband does not understand my obsession with books, I don't think he ever will. Any way I chose Evangeline Collins. I will head out later this week and hit the B&N again without my husband, I have to get my mother a Birthday present and what better gift than a bag of books!!!

I am awaiting several more books, and when I get them I will be sure to share...


Amy C said...

I assume your mom is going to be okay? When were your boys originally supposed to come back home from their visit? I hope you all had fun at the Water park. My son would love something like that! We have a small one attached to a small theme park not far up the road. I take him there in the summer now that he's old enough.

I am the same way when we go to the bookstore as a family. I usually don't get a book. I let the hubby and son get one. Not like I need more!! And if I do get one, it's just one.

I still have to read Daring Time...I still have alot of books to read.

Heather D said...

OOPs I meant to make sure to put in the post that she is OK. She had a kidney stone. The doctor was going to keep her overnight, but decided to put her in surgery for a splint. She was released that afternoon, and we got there to pick the kids up probably 3 hours later. Mom was suppose to bring the kids back on Saturday, so they didn't really miss out on their vacation. My driving up allowed my mother a couple of days of rest before she heads home.

Amy C said...

Ohh, I've heard kidney stones can be painful :(. I'm glad she's okay!

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