Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New In Town

We received two movies from Netflix before we headed out of town Saturday. All I wanted to do last night was sit back and relax. We had a horrible experience at the airport that had me wanting a good stiff drink, and I am tempted to never use Atlanta Airport again. Anyway, we popped "New In Town" into the dvd player and sat back to watch.

Renee Zellweger is "New In Town"

Now, I remember wanting to see this movie when it came out in theaters, but I can never get my family to go to these movies so I just wait for it to come out on DVD. I was really shocked when my husband picked this one out of the two movies. It has been hit or miss with the romantic comedies lately, I either love them or I hate them. I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie last night. I am not a huge Renee Zellweger fan, but she was definitely the right person for the job. She had the perfect snooty attitude that transform into kindness and caring for a group of people who are so totally different from her and what she is use to. I think that my husband's added commentary helped out a little. He is from Iowa, and oftern travels to Minnesota so there was plenty of commentary from the Peanut Gallery in the reclyner. Really this movie was funny and very sweet. I give it two thumbs up!!! Definitely go and rent this one.

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Amy C said...

Thanks, Heather. I'll have to add it to my netflix also.

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