Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dust and Moonlight by Keta Diablo

Blurb: Balion, Prince of Locke Cress, waited a long time for the forest nymph with lavender eyes to come to him. The dreams told him it was just a matter of time. What they hadn’t told him was that he’d lose his heart to the strange creature from another world.

After the serial killer attacked Kira, she awoke in a strange land. Now, she’s running for her life from wild boars, wizards, and sorcerers, not to mention a Prince that makes her body melt in all the wrong places. Facing extraordinary circumstances as the evil plots unfold, Kira fights for her life, and for a love that neither time nor distance can ever dispel from her soul.

Keta out did herself! I had the pleasure of reading Land of Falling Stars several months ago and knew instantly that I had found an author that was going to be on auto buy. This is actually the third book I have read by this author and it just keeps getting better. I have yet to be disappointed.
In Dust and Moonlight, Keta brings Kira to another world in another time. A land where her father was summoned from. She has traded one battle for another and is faced with the chance at a love that will know no bounds. Her desire to go home is at battle with the desire to stay wrapped in Balion's strong arms of love.
Dust and Moonlight is a definite 5 star read that I highly recommend to any one with a love for romance, fantasy, and time travel


Lea said...

Thank you for the recommendation Heather!

This sounds like a wonderful fantasy story.



Keta Diablo said...

My fine friend Heather,

Ah, shucks, what would I do without your wonderful reviews?

Dust and Moonlight will be available soon if you want to learn more about Kira and Prince Balion. It's hot, steamy and tugs at your heartstrings.

Please follow my blog and learn about my other new releases (most coming in June).

Namaste, Heather and as always, my heartfelt thanks.

Keta Diablo
Keta's Keep:

Keta Diablo said...

Hi Heather and friends,

Good News about Dust and Moonlight. You can find it here NOW on Smashwords. And you even get to read the first several chapters free.

Check it out!

Found a home -- and a nice one at that for my fantasy novel,

Namaste, Keta

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