Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Current Wallpaper

KristieJ is curious to see what we are currently using as our wallpaper on our computers. I thought I would share a little too...

I change my wallpaper every so often but my current is:

This is a picture that my daughter took last year on vacation. We were visiting our friends in Maryland and took a detour on the way up through the Antietam Battle field. I absolutely love this picture.

I use a lot of pictures of my family, especially my kids, and pictures from vacations. I also put pictures of the Hunky Gerard up, but that one is already on my blog for all to see. I don't like putting the family pictures out in cyberspace, but I figure my daughter has enough of her self portraits and silly pictures of her and her friends out on Myspace so it won't kill me to use this one to show a little more about me.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture, Heather!!!

Heather D said...

Thanks Barbara!!

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