Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharing the news!

Alright I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer. It was so simple that it never even crossed my mind that there was an issue with it. Friday afternoon I let my son play on a game site, one I grudgingly allow, and he forgot to turn off the internet when he was done. Well when I logged on that night I couldn't even check my email. Any site that required a log in and password came up with an error message... something to the effect of the secure something has expired June 2010. I ran all my checks with Norton, restarted my computer, changed from Mozilla to IE 8 and nothing worked. I checked my husband's computer to see if he was having the same issues, of course he wasn't. I finally googled the error message. Someone else, thankfully for me, had the same problem and put it to a computer tech guy, who really had no idea how to solve the problem. The tech guy said that the person who had this problem solved it himself and then quoted what the guy said in a private email. So of course I went straight to that area of my computer to find out if I was having the same problem. Yes, my date was wrong on my computer. Some how the stupid calendar was set at June 1, 2033. I am so glad that I didn't dish out a min of $100 to have some guy tell me that I was not very smart! LOL

Now that I have shared my computer issues, and I have not finished a book this weekend, I have only one other thing to share. Thanks to the lovely Barbara I have heard about another contest. And what an AWESOME contest it is.

Anna from Anna's Book Blog is celebrating her two year anniversary of blogging. In her celebration she is having "Totaly Rockin" (as Barbara says) giveaway! I'm only posting one of her prize package pictures. You will have to run over to her site to see the rest, Believe me you don't want to miss this contest!!

How to enter: To enter just leave a comment on this post. The contest will run from all week. She will post the winners at midnight on June 6th. This contest is open to all. It's important if you don't have a blogger account to leave an email address where you can be reached.



Lea said...

Happy you are back on line Heather!

Doesn't Anna's contest rock???

By the way, there is a blog award waiting for you at my spot...



Amy C said...

Glad you got your computer issues solved and it didn't cost you 100 bucks!

Anna, does have a great contest, doesn't she? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh please! I'm the queen of silly computer drama. I'm glad you got it all figured out Heather!!

BTW, isn't Anna's contest great?! She's so sweet.

Randi said...

Hi Heather,
I'm glad you were able to fix your computer without it costing you any money!!

Thanks for sharing about the contest!

Heather said...

I hear you...I dropped my laptop on the last day of school and messed up my hard drive so I have been without a laptop for almost 3 weeks..

Cherry said...

Oh... I want in, I want in! My blogger profile is at http://www.blogger.com/profile/15230895811419860531. Going over at Anna's now to have a nosey... :)

Cherry D

Heather D said...

Ouch Heather! I hate going with out my computer. We have been so unlucky with laptops over the years. It started out that we had to have one for school purposes, my husband was getting his Masters but travels a lot for work. Then it became we needed it for his job (travel). The first one we bought crashed on us three times, once while we were out of town. My husband had to have a computer for work, so had to buy a new one or cancel vacation and go home. We got it fixed and 6 months later it crashed again. This time my tech guy said that it would be cheaper (in the long run) to buy a new one. When we did finally get that one fixed, he asked us if it had been dropped, which it hadn't. That one now belongs to my daughter.

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