Friday, June 5, 2009

Pity Party!!

I am so not Lovin' this weekend. Both my children are leaving me. My daughter is spending six long weeks with her father in Michigan. My son, the baby at a whopping 6 yrs old, is going to spend a week with my mother in the DC area. My husband and I are actually flying with my son and meeting my mother at the airport to drop him off. We will then spend a couple of days with some friends in Maryland. I am going to have a week without either of my kids. You would think that I would be jumping up and down and shouting "Freedom" (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart), but I'm not. As much as I whine about not having alone time or peace and quiet, I am going to desperately miss my kids. I have gotten use to my daughter leaving for weeks at a time, she has been doing it since she was 5, but not my son! What makes it worse is that my son has been counting down the days until he leaves... talk about twisting the knife. I know that he will be well taken care of and that he will have a great time with his cousins, but does he have to be so excited about it!!

OK I am done with my pity party for now!


Barbara said...

Aw! Heather I know how you feel. On occassion, my kids visit grandma for the weekend. At first I'm all excited thinking I'll have some free time to just chill out. But then, a few hours later I miss them so badly I just want to go pick them up!!!

Lea said...

(((Hugs))) Heather:

Guess what, the week will be over befoe you know it and the young one will be home.

Funny how we can't live with them but can't live without them sometimes.

Enjoy your weekend Heather..

Your blog is looking so cool by the way!

Take care.

PS. If you would ever like your blog expanded to 3 columns let me know.


Heather D said...

thanks ladies!!

Barbara-- I am normally OK for a weekend. My sister and I swap out every once in a while...I take all four kids one weekend and then she returns the favor and has all four with her. A week long is just too much for me, I think this is why I didn't feel like leaving my hotel while I was in Spain.

Lea-- Thanks for the Hugs. It is quite funny how we tend to have that attitude. Thank you for the compliment and I will definitely take you up on the offer of the three column when I get back in town!!

I am going to badger my husband to death until he takes me to Turn the Page Cafe in Maryland. Its Nora Roberts bookstore. That gives me something to look forward after dropping my son off.

Cindy W said...

Take Pictures!

I know how you feel! Want me to send you North and South? The Inheritance? I'll email you! Take care, Cindy

Heather said...

Heather, the first summer the boys went to their grandparents for the summer I called them twice a day till I was told by them no less to leave them alone and let them have fun with grandma and grandpa

Amy C said...

I remember the first time I was away from my son. I almost cut my trip a day short because he said he missed me! I thought I was going to just die if I didn't get home :(. And of course when I did get home, he acted like he didn't even miss me! The little stinker!

Hugs to you :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Hello Heather,

Just wanted to let you know (in case you didn't see it already) that you have big surprise waiting for you over at my blog! Better hurry over to respond to it before Sunday! ;)


Heather D said...

Heather and Amy-- Thanks! I am finding the same thing is happening with my son. He calls us twice a day to say either good morning or good night, but if we try to call him during the day we get Why are you calling and he is rushing us off the phone. I am a little better about it right now, but boy I wish he would act like he misses me just a little. LOL

Heather D said...

Thanks for the heads up TBQ! I just got home and was wading thru my inbox.... And now that I have checked--Thank You Thank You!!!

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