Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daring Time by Beth Kery

He sees her, wants her, needs her…

Chicago Detective Ryan Daire has many secrets: a love for Shakespeare, an appreciation for the all the finer things in life, and an absolute lack of restraint in the bedroom. Now he has an even bigger secret. In every shifting shadow of the sprawling mansion he’s recently inherited he can see her—tempting, ethereal, and untouchable. Hope Stillwater inhabited that mansion in 1906. Raw desire has formed a conduit between these two passionate souls who are separated by the barrier of time.

Now he has to have her.

Intoxicated by each other’s presence, Ryan and Hope are closer than ever to crossing that inviting boundary between two worlds. But there is one grave danger: Ryan’s job has put him on the trail of a depraved criminal in an investigation that’s risking Hope’s eternal fate and happiness. Now he must do whatever it takes to change history, protect Hope from harm, and set his own desires free.

My Thoughts: This was a wonderful book. I was chomping at the bit to finally get my hands on it and start reading. I put everything else aside and dived in.

Ryan is one hunky cop who has just been gifted a mansion. He is tossing around the idea of selling it until he goes in to see it for the first time. He is hit with visions of a beautiful woman from a past era. He partner and friend Rodriguez says the house is haunted, that the woman Ryan keeps seeing is a ghost. Ryan can't explain it but he knows she is not dead.

Hope a beautiful strong willed woman from 1906 has had the shock of a life time... she sees Ryan standing in her mirror, but he is no where in her bedroom. There must be some explanation... her wanton thoughts must have conjured a vision of a God.

Beth Kery did a superb job in introducing us to both Ryan and Hope, bringing them together and battling slavery in both time periods. I was completely pulled into the plot as well as the passion and love experienced between Ryan and Hope. Ms. Kery was the first author to introduce me to BDSM, she takes the dirty out of it and creates something special, allowing you to feel not only the excitement between lovers but the feelings they are experiencing as well. After reading Wicked Burn in March, I knew that Ms. Kery was going to be putting out A+ novels. I an anxiously anticipating her up coming release of Sweet Restraint, look for it July 7!


VampFanGirl said...

Great Review Heather!

I have this book on my Wish List.

;) VampFanGirl

Heather D said...

Thanks VFG! This was an awesome book.

Anonymous said...

Great review!!! I have this one on my TBB list!

beth kery said...

Wow, Heather, thank you for reading Daring Time and taking the time to write such a nice review. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Have a great weekend!

Heather D said...

Thanks Barbara!

Your welcome Beth, I really enjoyed Daring Time.

CheekyGirl said...

I just got this one in the mail a few days ago and haven't started it yet.

Love the new look!


Heather D said...

Sabrina, you gotta hurry up and read it! It was extremely good!!!

Thanks-- Barbara did an excellent job!

Lea said...

Hi Heather!

So happy you enjoyed "Daring Time", it is certainly one of my favorites!!!

Have a great weekend.


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