Friday, October 31, 2008

Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros

Fall Challenge #1. Title that reminds you of a fairy tale.
Rating: 5 stars

Willow is getting a new mother, her father a new bride with a large dowry. This story really did have a bit of a Cinderella feel to it. The new mother comes with a package of six horrid children who Willow is made nurse maid to. She is ridiculed and shunned, eventually losing her father's affection to the little monsters. So when Lord of Elsinore's man shows up asking for Willow's hand in marriage she eagerly accepts sight unseen.
Lord of Elsinore, Bannar the Bold, is a tried and true war hero, a favorite of King Edward. He has never feared more for his life than he does in his own home with his 12, yes that's right 12, children chomping at his heels at every turn. He has taken to locking himself in the tower for peace and sanity. He is desperate and sends his man in search of non-attractive wife and mother for his brats!
The shenanigans that the kids pull... Oh my! It's a wonder the man has not killed everyone of them or at least given them a good throttling! Willow is not what Bannor wanted at all! He uses his children to run her off, so he does not have to break the news to her himself and damage her pride beyond repair... you would think that this is in some way a noble thing to do...NOT hardly!
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the Cinderella-ish feel to it. The things the kids do made me want to scream. I actually teared up a couple of times while reading this book, my heart just went out to Willow!

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