Friday, October 17, 2008

Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice

Rating: 5 Stars!!
384 pages
Paranormal Romance

Back cover:
Chantal Deveau has applied her musical gift to writing impassioned anthems for the French Revolution. But now that the mob has imprisoned her family, she seeks to buy their freedom with her one valuable possession: a jeweled cup. When a tall, dark stranger enters her home and demands she give him her prize, her outrage is nothing compared to her powerful sensual response to his presence...and her startling conviction that their lives ware irrevocably entwined.
Ian recognizes Chantal as the intended mate revealed to him in a vision long ago. But even he is astounded by the lightning-swift attraction he feels fro a woman not of his world. Now he must choose between duty and desire- and open his heart to possibilities that even he could never have forseen.
My Thoughts:
This is the second book in the Mystic Isle series. I hate that I had to wait a year in between reading the first one, Mystic Guardian, and this one. PR did an exceptional job again!
For some reason while reading Mystic Guardian I did not picture Ian as such a hunk... he seemed more, I don't know nerdy. I was pleasantly surprised when my first thoughts about this man were proved totally wrong.
Ian is Aleynn's sky rider, he is able to read minds and tell the future. He has seen his amacara while searching the sky for the missing chalice. He believes the Gods are telling him that he must leave the island to retrieve the chalice and bring home his intended mate.
He arrives in France during the revolution. He fears for his mate, Chantal. There is an instant pull between these two. The sparks fly almost immediately. In order to protect his amacara Ian must save her family. His life has just become a lot more complicated than he had inticipated. Aelynns are not allowed to speak of there homeland nor are they allowed to interfere with the "Others". Ian must find a way to convince his amacara to leave her home and her family, find the chalice which seems to have a life of it's own, and capture Murdoch ( who was previously thought to have had his powers stripped and was banned from Aelynn).
Mystic Rider was chop full of passion and action. There was plenty of fighting without taking away from the story. Chantal was another strong heroine equally paired with a strong hero. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait until next summer for the release of Mystic Warrior.

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Kristie (J) said...

She used to be an autobuy author for me and then kind of fell of my radar. I think she wrote one a few years ago that I didn't care for and then I kind of didn't read any of her books after that. I think after reading your review I may just have to pick her up again.

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