Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mesmerized by Candace Camp

Back Cover:


All her life, Olivia Moreland has denied her clairvoyant abilities, working instead to disprove the mediums that flock to London. But when Stephen, Lord St. Leger, requests her help in investigating an alleged psychic, she can't ignore the ominous presence she feels within the walls of his ancient estate. Nor can she ignore the intimate connection she feels to Stephen, as if she has somehow known him before...


The last time he'd lived in Blackhope Hall, Stephen had watched as his elder brother claimed both the family title and the woman he loved. Now, following his brother's death, Stephen reluctantly returns home and finds his family ensconced in scandal. Who is behind his brother's murder--a dark spirit or the psychic who claims to have channeled it? And what is it about the psychic investigator Olivia Moreland that awakens his long-dormant passion?

As they search for answers, Stephen and Olivia discover that the only way to fight a powerful evil is with a powerful love...

My Thoughts: I chose Mesmerized from the list of reviewed books during the Summer Readers of Romance challenge. I honestly could have read this book for the "Spooky" selection. Candace Camp is a new to me author, saying that I think I have found another author that I will have to pick up frequently.

I was totally gripped from the beginning with the shock to Olivia's system when she first lays eyes on Stephen, him experiencing the same shock. Olivia was totally offended by Stephen, who seems to have lost all of his manners while living in the Western United States. Stephen ends up hiring Olivia to investigate a medium who has her clutches in his mother.

They end up spending quite a bit of time together researching the "lost souls" of Blackhope Hall, all the while the connection between the two is growing and the tension could be cut with a knife.

I have to say that I think is probably the best paranormal book that I have read in a while. I was completely caught up in the ghosts and seances, my skin was crawling. I loved the flashbacks in time to another couple and their forbidden love. I loved this book!!

I do have a few hang ups with the description on the back cover though:

1. I don't know that Olivia really had any clairvoyant abilities, at least it did not seem that she did.

2. Rodrick's, Stephen's brother, death was not really explained at all. We don't know what caused his death. There was never any mention to trying to find his murderer throughout the novel. Rodrick did speak through the medium several times, often complaining of the unrest of all the souls trapped in Blackhope Hall, but never of his death.

Rating: 5


nicchic said...

I loved this book. Mesmerized in the first of the Moreland Family series. All four books in the series are equally as good. I picked up A Stolen Heart (Montford Heirs) as my first Camp book and my collection has since grown a lot. Check out the Matchmakers series too.

1. Mesmerized (2003)
2. Beyond Compare (2004)
3. Winterset (2004)
4. An Unexpected Pleasure (2005)

Heather said...

Thank you nicchic! I didn't realize that it was part of a series. I was wondering throughout the book if there were any others. Olivia's family seem fascinating! I will definitely have to look for all of them!

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