Sunday, October 19, 2008

Realm of Shadows by Shannon Drake

Fall Challenge #8. For Halloween a Spooky book.

Reading Around the Genres: Vampire

396 pages

Rating: 4 stars

Realm of Shadows is the fourth in Shannon Drake's Vampire series. I unfortunately started with the second in the series and have been bouncing around. All of them have been really good. I do however recommend reading them in order if possible, there are few characters that show up consistently throughout the series!

Tara has traveled to France to visit with her cousin, Ann, and her ailing grandfather Jaques. Ann tells Tara that she believes their grandfather is losing his mind. He is obsessed with an ongoing archeological dig in their little village outside of Paris. Jaques convinces Tara to wonder down into the crypt to gain as much information as possible from the professor in charge of the dig.

She comes face to face with one of the diggers at the exact moment they hear a blood curdling scream. The digger, Brent Malone, runs back towards the newly discovered coffin while Tara runs in the opposite direction fearing for her life. Everywhere she turns she runs into Brent Malone. Her grandfather is convinced that there are evils that go bump in the night and is eagerly trying to convince Tara into believing also, he has help now... Brent Malone.

I have to say that this was not one of Shannon Drake's best books, especially not for this series. There were a few editting issues that distracted me a little, no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think that SD tried to incorporate too many characters and side plots, all having a great deal to do with the story line, but it made the story lag in areas. I hated the Epilogue... I understand that you want to know what is happening with the characters and tie everybody in, but it just seemed kind of dumb. What it lacked in romance it definitely made up in suspense and spookiness. On a more positive note, it was a page turner and I was always engrossed in the story. I would recommend reading Realm of Shadows, it is just not as highly recommended as When Darkness Falls and Deep Midnight.

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