Sunday, October 5, 2008


I was just browsing another readers blog and came across a post where she has renamed her two daughters (to protect the innocent) some really countrified names! It got me thinking about my own children's names. I was born and raised here in the South and would never dream of naming my children anything along the lines of BillyBob or Mary Mae. I am a firm believer in thinking to the future and what your child will have to endure in school from the other children. My name being Heather experienced lots of funny little names that were not so funny to me then. I actually hated my name and would rather have been called by middle name "Brooke". My last name didn't help. When I got married I was happy to finally be rid of my maiden name that I took something that could be deemed much worse... my husband actually thinks it is and I am sure my son will too.
Anyway this online buddy said that her kids were drilling her about what she would have named them if... after a while she got tired of answering the questions and threw out these off the wall answers and a few of them stuck. My kids have not drilled me about what I would have named them, but my daughter (13) just started discussing names of her future children... which I hope are a long ways away. She actually told me that when she has a daughter she wants to name her "Poppie". I have begged her not to do this to her future daughter and to please think about what she will be putting this little girl through. Of course she turned it around on me!
Now when I named my daughter I went through a lot of pain to try and find something that she would not get picked on for. Who would have thought that the kids would have fault with my naming! My daughter's name is McKayla, but I spell it Michaela. What fault can you find with this name... what can the kids think of to pick on her about you might ask. Well I would never have thought of it, but kids can be pretty darn clever! The boys are constantly calling her Michael and saying that she is a boy. She hates her name now and is always asking me if she can please go by her middle name.
As for my son, I absolutely refuse to take any credit for naming him. Cody was not my choice and Mark would have only been a choice for me if I also named him after my Dad. My husband hated most of my choices for one reason or another so when I went into a false labor a week before he was born and we still had not picked out a name I threw my hands in the air. I gave my husband and my daughther each a piece of paper. I told them to write 5 names down. Both of them had Cody on thier list, mine did not. That is how he ended up with Cody. My husband's dad's name is Mark (also appeared on my daughter's list). So the night that Cody was born I did not have a middle name picked out, my husband told the nurse to use Mark. At least he won't be picked on for his first name... He will have enough problems with his last name!


Heather's Books said...

Oh I can top that, the boys biological names were horrendous. We changed their names to Mikhail (yep after Mikhail Stainsislaski thank you Nora Roberts) well the spelling comes from her as he is really named after Mike, he went by Casey his middle name for years until he discovered that he had the same name as his dad and it has gone from Mikhail to Mik (pronounced Mike), and Matheu is the french spelling of Matthew only missing the i as I couldn't remember where it went when it came time to fill out the birth certificate. He goes by Mat only one T, if you put two he gets mad.

I am also having a hard time reading Brisinger, I have picked it up and put it down several times. I think that I am going to skim it and call it good and read.

Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth) said...

I too obsessed about the names of my kids. I even had a standby kid at church to help me make sure the names weren't too easy a tease mark. I thought I had the perfect name for my oldest. I loved Payton. It was different, but easy to say and spell. And best of all it didn't rhyme with anything bad. Untill smarty pants kid at church reminded me that it rhymed with Satan. Yep! Satan!! Ruined it for me. I was disgusted! My husband wanted to name her Dakota! Ack! Or Montana! What!? So, in keeping with his geography theme, we went with Savannah! My youngest I really wanted to name Sage but hubby said no! Wasn't that an herb? disgusted again! But I found Autumn. Unfortunately, I think there are 2 famous porn stars named Savannah and Autumn. You just can't win for losing!!

Heather said...

lol Beth! I love the name Savannah. That is where I grew up. My brother had already used it though, his oldest daughter was born when I was like 10 or 11. So I could not use the name. When I had my daughter I was obsessed with not naming her after anyone in the family. When I finally found Michaela and settled on her middle name I then found out that it was her dad's grandmothers name. It would have been nice for him to tell me before I had my heart set on it. I kept anyway.
I had to stay away from the seasons... there were too many girls going by those names when I was younger. I am glad to hear that you nixed Dakota and Montana. Unfortunately Porn stars like using the good names!

Heather- I got my spelling of Michaela from turning the captions on during Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman.

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