Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Releases

I often hear how readers make sure to hit the bookstores on Tuesday because this is the day that new releases are put out on the shelves. Then you have the numerous blogs posted on the internet, most of which are sporting pictures of up coming releases.

I often wonder if my head is stuck in the clouds or buried in the sand. Other than stalking author websites I have absolutely no idea how to find books that are due out in the near future. Lets face it stalking an author website only works if you know which author to look for. So yeah I am really leaning heavily on the idea that my head is most definitely buried in the sand.

So where is that you get your information and long list of books that are coming out? Are you like me and stalk the authors? For the record I don't really stalk, I just browse their sites frequently in hopes of finding new books to watch out for.


Wendy said...

Blatant self-promotion here:

For historical romance releases you can always check out the wiki I have set up:

Randi said...

Hi Heather,
I use this website:

I also get my Romantic Times every month and that has tons of info on upcoming books.

Heather D said...

Ladies these links are great!! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy W said... has monthly posts. June is up!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally behind times. I don't check authors websites (unless I really like the author) and just wait to see what comes up on the bookstore shelves.

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