Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, so I had to wait until Saturday night to talk about this movie with another avid Twilight fan. My daughter's best friend, the one who kept insisting that I read this series, spent the night. We spent a few minutes discussing her thoughts about it. Before telling you what she thought about it let me tell you she has probably read this series in its entirety 11 times. She can probably quote any line from the books that you need.
I asked my dear little friend if she liked it, in Robyn's 12 yr old teeny bopper way she yelled out NO! She absolutely hated this movie, as did the rest of her family. So we started talking in depth about what she hated and if there was anything at all that she liked about it. Here are some of her thoughts...
1. The first kiss was horrible. Edward would never have approached Bella that saying "I want to try something" and he would not have been so forceful in his actions to avoid her.
2. Everything was too rushed.
3. Bella would never have screamed out the way that she did, she would have been stronger than what they portrayed her to be in the fight scene with James.
4. She loved James
5. She liked the baseball game
6. The kitchen scene was stupid... "her name is Bella, she must be Italian"
7. Alice coming up to Bella saying "we are going to be the best of friends", she said this was corny but in a way it was true to Alice's personality.
She basically hated everything about this movie except for James.


Cindy W said...

I am also hearing a bunch from the younger kids about not liking this movie. I think it didn't meet their expectations, and they are unhappy, much like Breaking Dawn. It's not possible to be so much like the book, but just what it's based on. When they are older, they will understand!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

You have been tagged with the bookwork award by me :)

Now it's your turn to tag someone else ;)

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