Sunday, November 30, 2008

Readers of Romance Winter "08 Challenge

Winter Challenge December 1 - February 28
You can find the directions/FAQ for this challenge on the ROR Blog.
1. Reader’s Choice Place any book here
2. Book that was read and Reviewed in the Fall Challenge
3. Read a book that has a “D” word in it for December
4. Read a book that has an arranged marriage or Marriage of Convenience (AAR Special Titles could be a big help!)
5. For Valentines Day, read a book that has love, kiss or heart in the title
6. Read a book by Lisa Kleypas
7. A book that makes you think about Christmas
8. A title that has 4 words in it
9. Read a story that has a military or civil servant (firefighter/cop/fbi/clan chief/commander) in it –can be any genre
10. Read a book that has a Viking or Pirate in it!
11. Pick a book that was first published in 2008
12. Read a series (Harlequin or Sillehoutte)
13. Read a book that the author has 3 names (ie Susan Elizabeth Phillips/ Karen Marie Moning)
14. For the New Year-Pick a book that has been in your TBR pile for a long time --Out w/ the old in w/ the new!
15. Read a book that has a “W” word for Winter

♥My Book List♥
1. Leaving my options open
2. The Leopard Prince or To Taste temptation by E. Hoyt (reviewed by Cindy W)
3. The Duke and I by Julia Quinn or The Duke by Galen Foley
4. The Gift by Julie Garwood (I think this is the one that I will be reading)
5. Dark Lover or Fantasy Lover
6. Devil in Winter
7. A Seduction at Christmas
8. Flowers From The Storm
9. My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne or Beloved Enemy by Jane Feather
10. A Pirate of her Own by Kinley MacGregor
11. A Seduction at Christmas by Cathy Maxwell
12. Possessed by the Highlander by Terri Brisbin Harlequin Historical
13. My Favorite Mistress by Tracy Anne Warren or Dark Lover by JR Ward
14. Untouched by Anna Campbell maybe
15. Viking Warrior by Connie Mason

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