Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress by Carol Finch

#4 Read a book from a genre you have not read yet
Rating: 5 stars

After bouncing around the genres trying to find something to read for this, I finally settled on a Western and for an added bonus a Harlequin. I haven't read Westerns in a while, with the exception of the Summer Challenge when I read Julie Garwood's For the Roses and the second set of books in that series. I have never read a Harlequin romance novel. I really don't know why I have thumbed my nose at the Harlequin series for so long... maybe it has something to do with the cover art. I am (blushing and hanging my head) one of those people who will buy or turn down a book strictly because of the cover. I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!
Eva is a strong willed woman who thumbs her nose to societies dictates, refusing to conform and has been labeled an eccentric. She is hell bent on tracking down the shyster (Gordon) who deceived her sister,Lydia, and tried to turn her against Eva. She sets out to hire the highly capable and well known Bounty Hunter J.D Raven. Raven refuses to take on the case, no matter how much money this little woman says she will pay. He has just lost his beloved horse Buck to a shoot out while gathering up three outlaws for the Denver sheriff. He wants nothing more than to return to his secluded cabin in the mountains and start training another horse to take Buck's place. Eva poses as Raven's wife in order to travel with him on the stage coach without rousing the other occupants' suspicions. The entire journey Raven is still refusing to help Eva out, but can't help feel responsible for her the second the come under gun fire at two different stops along the stage line.
These two are at a constant battle of wits and banter constantly, but not to a point where you get tired of it. It is quite funny how they are constantly ruffling each others feathers. Their attraction is strong... which seems odd to Eva because she has sworn men off for the rest of her life, so how is this Half breed fast becoming the man of her dreams?
The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress is one funny, action pact, passion filled story!

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