Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have jumped on the band wagon...

I have just spent the last few days totally immersed in the HBO series True Blood. Now I tried to watch it when it first aired, but the first episode was so raunchy I just couldn't bring myself to actually sit down and watch it knowing my kids were in the next room. Well, we recently added HBO back to our cable package and Seasons 1 &2 are on Demand so I can watch it during the safety of school hours... no children can accidentally walk in and see or hear something that they really shouldn't and I won't have any interruptions, kind of a double bonus!! Anyway, this series actually trumped reading. I have been so involved in the series and jonesing to find out what is going to happen next that I have taken every spare minute of my day and nights to watch all 24 episodes throwing all books to the wayside. LOVER MINE showed up yesterday morning and I couldn't make myself sit down with how  f&*^ed up is that (please excuse that slip--I do try to keep my posts and language clean, but I fear that is exactly how I feel). How can a simple TV show trump the Brotherhood? I mean I refused to buy the books because I found the covers to be rather silly and uninteresting, but now I have the entire series sitting in my closet, thanks to my mother who has read the entire series and won't shut up about it, and all I can think about is crawling onto the couch and diving into the that first hideous covered book and reading the entire series cover to cover with out coming up for air. My husband is actually kind of shocked with me... He has not seen a book or my Kindle in my hands in days and he knows about my obsession with the Brotherhood and cannot believe that the beautiful book is still sitting in the box that it came in.
So after watching the last episode of Season 2 I logged on and headed straight to Ms. Moonlight's blog. She is the only person that I could remember having read the series, wasn't sure if she had watched the HBO series...guess I should have known she would not have let the series get by her. lol I only scanned some of her posts concerning True Blood, skipped right over the book reviews--I don't want to taint my own opinions when I finally sit down to read the books. My first thoughts about Bill were very similar. I just cannot see the fascination that he stirs, I mean he does seem rather dull and old fashioned. Remember I have not read the books... I have to admit he has grown on me, he still looks a little old, but his looks are growing on me and he is starting to make me think of a classically good looking man with the old Southern manners that I really do believe some men really should adopt. Jason is some major eye candy, but he certainly isn't the brightest penny in the bag. My daughter calls him a man whore, my friend says he is not respected, but ohhh my wouldn't I like to have him sitting on my couch doing nothing more than looking pretty and ummm well you get where this is going. Eric--what is there to say about him. He seems like a real dick. I am very happy that he had to cut his hair because it just looked wrong long and shaggy... but is he good looking? Like I told a friend of mine in Savannah..."he hasn't grown on me" there is potential there. Sookie, I didn't like her in the beginning but I am really loving her now. I found myself in the very beginning of the series hoping that Sookie would choose Sam over Bill but it just wasn't in the cards. I love Tara and Lafayette. These two have brought tears to my eyes with their antics and comments.

Now I must wait until next month before the next season starts and I am wondering do I put the list of books that I have for May to the side and just read Sookie or do I wait. There are benefits to both. The wait makes it that much sweeter and I get to enjoy several good books in the process, but I am in the mood for instant gratification. In the end I will probably just sit it out and read the books next month, when I haven't so many other distractions. Right now I have one review and contest due at the end of the month, another possible review for the beginning of June, and two challenges that I need to complete. That's 8 books before the end of May and we all know that I am slower than dirt when reading. So the posts will definitely continue to be slow in coming, but I am planning on getting a few out with this month!!

Enjoy your Hump Day and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


Cecile said...

Girl, you are too funny!!!! I hope you enjoy your shows ~ in private!!!!

You make me feel like I have dirty little secrets now... lol!!!!

Hope all is well and everyone is doing good!!! Hugs to you hon!

Heather D said...

Hey Cecile!!!

You, with dirty little secrets... nope can't see it. LOL

Now that I have watched both seasons I have to wait just like everybody else that is addicted to this show to find out what happens next. June 13 (I think) can't come fast enough. I only hope my mom has HBO, so I can kick her out of the living room and watch it while Im at her house. LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

MsM said...

The Sookie Stackhouse series is my book crack - I'm a total addict!!
I've watched some "True Blood" - just because of vampire Eric - but it is NOTHING compared to the books.
Ya gotta read em!!



Heather D said...

Good Lord Ms. M if the books are your crack then I am in trouble!!! I don't watch TV normally but this show has literally had my butt planted to the chair for 4 hours a day and sometimes more.

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