Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wasteland series is out!

The Wanderer-by Crystal Jordan
This story opens up the reader’s eyes to a whole new world. Kadira and Ezra’s chemistry burn up the pages, not to mention what happens when they bring more people into their bed. The Wasteland comes alive in a wild post apocalyptic way that reveals a tribal community with technological know how and a lot of…um…interesting customs.
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The Whore-by Lilli Feisty
You may think the title says it all. And its true, no one does in your face gritty like our Feisty, but there is a lot of vulnerability, humor, and yes, man on man while a woman is watching love as well. Feisty takes us to the edges of city life. The darker edges. Shows us that there is more to this Wasteland than meets the eye. And she shows us pirates…I mean…pirates for heaven’s sake.
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The Breeder-by Eden Bradley
Nitara brings us into the heart of Kroy Wen, the sacred Temple. She shows us civilization-the fragile, barely hidden barbarity of it. And she shows us that when love is involved, acts of great courage are still possible, even in the Wasteland. (And yes, you heathens, she also shows us dirty nookie and threesomes and man on man love.)
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The Priestess-by RG Alexander
The final book gets to touch base with each of the worlds. Most closely intertwined with Eden Bradley’s Breeder, it starts in the Temple. But Xian, The High Priestess, comes into contact with pirates, thieves, and Wanderers. Hel, her Sun Guard, has a past with them as well. When Xian goes off to discover the truth about the world shes living in, why she doesn’t have all the answers as High Priestess, she takes Hel along and they discover the addictive taste of freedom.
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I am just a little excited about this series (anthology). It is not normally something that I would pick up on my own but after reading two weeks worth of blurbs and excerpts I am jonesing. The last of the four book was released I can get all of them and start reading!!!


Cecile said...

I hope you enjoy them honey!! I know how it is to be jonesing for something... especially our reading material!!!
Have a great week!

Oh.. and you have some awards at my place!

Lea said...

They sound really good Heather, I've downloaded a couple of the stories from MB&M, not all four yet but I'm going to try them.

Thanks for sharing!

RG Alexander said...

Okay that slideshow is awesome :)
Thank you! I hope you enjoyed them!

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