Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wicked Sexy by RG Alexander

ISBN: 978-1-60504-887-1
Length: Novella
Publication Date: January 26, 2010
Cover art by Tuesday Dube
Something magic this way comes…

Wicked ³, Book 1

Callie has always known the Abbotts were different. Witches, though they call themselves “Magians”. They are her second family. Harrison Abbott has been her best friend since they were children. Tucker Abbott, her life-long crush. And their brother, Tyghe? A magical pain in her backside.

When the Abbotts need her human perspective to solve a mystery, she doesn’t hesitate. Especially since it means getting everything she ever wanted. A chance to be one of them, to have magic, even if it’s only temporary.

Someone is attacking young women at Triune, a ritual that helps Magians find their perfect threesome—the match that will complete their magic and their hearts. Callie expected to be dazzled by her first glimpse into the Magian world, but the bone-melting desire between her and the Abbott brothers isn’t part of the plan.

Nor is the decades-old secret that makes her the target of a killer…

My Thoughts:

I came across this amazing set of ladies, The Smutketeers, over the weekend through Samhain Cafe (Yahoo Group).  I joined their Yahoo group and joined in on some of the conversations. I realized that I had not yet read anything by any of the authors. Having had a difficult time with my last book I went scrolling through my Kindle to find something by a familiar author when I ran across the name R G Alexander. What do you know...this lady happens to be one of the Smutketeers and I have at least two of her books unread. So I opened up this novella with my coffee in hand started reading.

I couldn't stop reading! My hubby is none too happy as I was suppose to finish pressure washing the deck which completely slipped my mind while I wrapped up with the Magians. I can not possibly tell you any more about the plot of the story than the blurb that I grabbed from Samhain already does without giving too much away so unfortunately you will have to suffer listening to me rambling away about how I feel!! LOL

Those of you that have followed me for a while know that I don't like Anthologies and Novellas are not that high on the list either, however I was pleasantly pleased with this one. When I finished I felt fulfilled. Other than wanting to know what happens next for Harrison and getting glimpses into Callie's Happily Ever After I wanted for nothing when I turned the last page. You know what I mean... so often when reading a novella I feel like things are rushed and I am left wanting more, not a sequel but more story... the author just didn't pull it off for me kind of thing.  Wicked Sexy was the exact opposite, everything progressed smoothly without being rushed. There was enough background information leading up to the romance to make you feel like "this is right!"

The mystery that needs solving opens up doors for Callie that she never thought possible. It also lands her slap dab in Tyghe's arms, something she almost dreads. Tyghe has been the bane of her existence since she met Harrison as a child. Tyghe tormented her, cast spells on her bike, and just made life a little more interesting. It seemed only right that Tyghe and Callie would have this strong attraction to each other after the spell was cast. Problem being that Tyghe is highly jealous of Callie's long time infatuation with older brother Tucker, who is thankfully away on a one man hunting trip.

To top off a wonderful page turning plot, RG can write some explosive love scenes! Ladies bring your fans when reading Wicked Sexy.

Rating: 5 stars


R.G. ALEXANDER said...

What a great review! Thanks!

Cecile said...

OH I love the cover... gorgeous!!! And this review... honey you knocked it out the park!! Great review. I am definitely bookmarking this to check it out when I get home!!!!
Hope all is well!

Eden Bradley said...

Just so you know, R.G. Alexander has a novel coming out from Berkley Heat in August, POSSESS ME, since you usually prefer novel-length. :)
Really well-written review!

Heather D said...

@RG, you are very welcome! I Loved Wicked Sexy!!

@Cecile, My cover junkie came out and made me buy it!
Thanks sweetie, definitely check this one out! I have another one by RG that I will be reading this weekend or early next week!

Thanks Eden! I will definitely have to keep my eyes open for POSSESS ME!!

Lea said...

Wonderful Review Heather. The Smutketeers have a great blog. I didn't know they have a yahoo group too. :-)

Awesome review Heather, this sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing. ;)


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