Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Seduce A Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt~~DIK Reading Challenge

For years, Melisande Fleming has loved Lord Vale from afar . . . watching him seduce a succession of lovers, and once, catching a glimpse of heartbreaking depths beneath his roguish veneer. When he’s jilted on his wedding day, she boldly offers to be his.
Vale gladly weds Melisande, if only to produce an heir. But he’s pleasantly surprised: A shy and proper Lady by day, she’s a wanton at night, giving him her body—though not her heart.
Determined to learn her secrets, this sinner starts to woo his seductive new wife—while hiding the nightmares from his soldiering days in the Colonies that still haunt him. Yet when a deadly betrayal from the past threatens to tear them apart, Lord Vale must bare his soul to the woman he married...or risk losing her forever.

My Thoughts:
My only regret is waiting so long to read the second book in the Four Soldiers series. I really do believe that allowing so much time to lapse between book one, To Taste Temptation, and To Seduce A Sinner caused me to have an awful time in the beginning. I kept trying to remember how the hero and heroine fit into the last story, what Jasper and Samuel had figured out about Spinners Fall, etc. Once I realized that Melisande was Emmeline's (heroine from TTT) friend and that Jasper was indeed the former fiancee to Emmeline I let everything else go. I figured it would come to me as I read deeper into the story. I am happy to say that most of it did come back.

Melisande has been in love with Lord Vale, Jasper, from afar for years. It almost broke her when her best friend became engaged to him and she did not have the courage to do anything more than stand idly by and watch the love of her life slip through her fingers. Now she must go and watch him wed someone else, only this time the young lady practically leaves Jasper at the altar. Melisande finds the courage to approach Jasper and ask him to marry her. Jasper knows that he should remember who she is, he knows that she is Emmeline's friend, but can't remember her name. Sad really because Melisande was showing more courage than some men standing in front of a firing squad.

Both Melisande and Jasper have secrets that they wish to keep. Melisande is so in love with Jasper but she is afraid that if she allows him to know of her true feelings he will hurt in the end, when he finally gets his heir and turns away from her. Jasper is dealing with his demons from Spinner's Fall and is still on the hunt for the traitor who gave their location to the French.  Neither realize that these secrets are going to be the very things that bring them closer together and ultimately bind them together in a very strong love.

I love how Ms. Hoyt always includes bits of a fairy tale at the beginning of each chapter. I believe she has done this with every one of her books that I have read. The fairy tale always lends a little something extra to the story.

Another awesome book by Ms. Hoyt... and this time I won't wait so long before reading the next book in the series!

Rating 4.5 stars


Cecile said...

Hey honey! Great review!!! I am slowly collecting Ms. Hoyt's books. From reviews like this one... I am eating them up! I just need to find the time to read them!
I hope all is well in your world hon!!!

Heather D said...

Hey Cecile!! Thanks! I love Elizabeth Hoyts books! I can't believe I waited an entire year to continue with this series. And I still have one more to read in her other trilogy--The Serpent Prince.


Tracy said...

I tried, at one point to read To Taste Temptation and just couldn't get into it. I read this one based on Renee's DIK choice and it was wonderful! I'm so glad that I picked it up and didn't let my dissatisfaction with book 1 color my view. Just yesterday I finished book 3 and it was good too.

Great review!

Heather D said...

Thanks Tracy. I hate that you weren't able to get into To Taste Temptation, however you are right TSAS was very good. I have heard from several people that it happens to be their favorite out of all four. I can't wait to make time to read To Beguile a Beast.

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