Saturday, December 18, 2010

I really did a number this time!!!

 And I really shouldn't have any excuses for not getting any reading done over the next few weeks, or more. Wednesday night north GA got hit with some more of that wonderful winter weather that is not suppose to come near us. Our streets were covered in ice. I have to give myself props though... for someone who has never drove in the mess I didn't wreck my car. I was extremely proud of myself but was too scared to turn around when I saw the traffic at a stand still on my way home. So I spent over 2 hours on the road that leads to the road that leads to my subdivision, Only to get the road that leads to my subdivision and find it to be a parking lot as well. I decided I was going to park my car before I ran completely out of gas and walk the last two miles to the house. Everyone else was doing it!  Well I am not everyone else, and I should have just sat in my car and prayed really hard that I would get home with out wrecking going down the big hill or running out of gas.  NO NO NO I should have just stayed put.  Instead I do this...
yes that is my foot at odd angle. I broke my ankle in three places and dislocated my foot. My mother tells me that there were a total of 7 brakes that have now been stabilized with plates and screws. My surgeon told her that he had to perform  plastic surgery on my dolphin's nose but "Miki" is now "Niki".   This is why the south does not like that winter weather that insists on blowing down here.

So up this week is Bound by Your Touch by Meredith Duran to complete the DIK challenge. My guilty indulgence, Explosive by Beth Kery, and then I will have to send my mother into my closet to find me something else to read.


beth kery said...

Oh...Heather. That looks terrible. I damn the snow, ice and sleet regularly, so I have sympathy, big time.

You just focus on taking care. :)

Beth Kery.

Heather D said...

Thanks Beth!! I am getting babied left and right. I hate feeling helpless but it is getting better now that I have had the surgery and my ankle feels a little more secure. Its going to be a long haul ahead of me, but gives me plenty of time to actually sit and read...well when the percocet doesn't have me feeling loopy.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OMG... Heather I am so sorrrry. And you know I am in Louisiana and I believe you!!! We don't know what to do with weather like that!
Oh hon I hope all is well ~ or as well as things can be hon!!!
Oh gosh... honey!!!!! Hugs to you!!!!! IF you need anything... I know I am ways a way... but I am here!

Heather D said...

Hey Cecile Sweetie! Yes it is ridiculous how bad we are when it comes to snow and ice. I am doing loads better. My mothers have taken my crutches away from me so I will stay on the couch. Seriously the only time I get up is to use the restroom, as much as I would love to get up and move around a lot more I won't, but they don't believe me. The percocet won't let me read, my mind wonders and I can't concentrate. All in all though I am trying to be a good patient for everyone else. Thanks!!

Lea said...


OMG - I'm so sorry this has happened to you and right before the festive season!

Darn winter weather. :(

You take extra good care and I hope you are back on your feet soon.



Gillian said...

Hi Heather

Having a look at your blog for the first time. What lovely reviews, I am engrossed reading them.

Co-incidently I am also laid up with a trimal ankle break. Broke it 4 weeks ago on some stairs. Not fun. Hope yours heals real soon.

Heather D said...

hey Lea! Thanks, it is awful. My mothers have stolen my crutches and the wheelchair!! But good news I go back to the dr on Mon. to have stitches removed and get either a new cast or a boot. Bad news is that I am laid up through Christmas. But I am being really positive. My injury has brought or will bring all of my family to me for Christmas this year and I won't have to travel!

Gillian- thanks for the blog compliments! I haven't been as active with it as I would like.
I am so sorry that you are going through the same injury. I hate to hear that it has been 4 weeks even more so, b/c I am sure that is what I am looking forward to as well. Get better soon!!

Cybercliper said...

OMG that looks and sounds really painful. I hope you get better soon!!

Heather D said...

thanks Cybercliper. It's not so bad now that they put humpty dumpty back together again, but then again it could be the percocet that has me saying that.LOL

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