Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning~~DIK READING CHALLENGE


He was known throughout the kingdom as Hawk, legendary predator of the battlefield and the boudoir. No woman could refuse his touch, but no woman ever stirred his heart—until a vengeful fairy tumbled Adrienne de Simone out of modern-day Seattle and into medieval Scotland. Captive in a century not her own, entirely too bold, too outspoken, she was an irresistibly challenge to the sixteenth-century rogue. Coerced into a marriage with Hawk, Adrienne vowed to keep him at arm's length—but his sweet seduction played havoc with her resolve.


She had a perfect "no" on her perfect lips for the notorious laird, but Hawk swore she would whisper his name with desire, begging for the passion he longed to ignite in her. Not even the barriers or time and space could keep him from winning her love. Despite her uncertainty about flowing the promptings of her own passionate heart, Adrienne's reservations were no match for Hawk's determination to keep her by his side...

MY Thoughts:
I have heard many good things about KMM, but I have always said I will read her later. This was the chance and the push that I needed to finally pick up on of her books. My TBR mountain continues to grow and the time I have for reading continues to decrease, so I have become a lot more selective on the books that I choose to take what little time I have to devote to reading. KMM will definitely be one of the authors that are on that very selective list.

Have you ever wished on a falling star? That is what Gillam does right before Adrienne is brought to medieval Scotland.  Hawk has ignited the jealousy and anger of the Fae King and his Fool. The Fae Queen has taken notice of the legendary Hawk and used him against her two companions.  Out of their jealousy they seek a way to destroy Hawk without bloodshed, which would break the pact, and what better way to destroy a man than to have him love so deeply but to have his love thrown in his face.

Adrienne is from the 21st century and she Hates beautiful men. She is hiding from a past, and hoping it doesn't catch up to her, when she is wisked back in time to medieval Scotland and ordered to pretend that she is the Comyn daughter and forced to marry Hawk by the Kings order. Hawk is everything that she could want in a man, but he is a beautiful man and therefore he can not be trusted.

With this plot you know doubt can expect a battle of wits. But the story is so much more. It was an absolute pleasure to watch Hawk and Adrienne fall in love, lose each other, and find their way back again.


Tracy said...

Oh so glad you liked it. I personally liked but didn't love book 2. It's kind of an odd man out in the series. But starting with book 3 they get so darned good you can't wait to read the next one. :) Enjoy!

Cybercliper said...

I loved this whole series but my favorite was Kiss of the Highlander - ah, Drustan! I actually shed a tear to two over this one!

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