Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ok, you all know that I have a 15 year old daughter. I tell you there are some days I wish I had a bottle that would capture her statements and actions and save them forever. While I was over at Lea's blog, I apparently had a flash of something that happened today that has just stuck in my head.

Have you been to a Taco Bell lately? I was there this evening, and staring at me through the drive through window are several Hot Sauce packets that have the words "PICK ME" in big bold letters. I thought it was cute. And obviously "Pick Me" has stuck in my head tonight, as I used it in my commentary over at Lea's on the Stephanie Tyler giveaway post.  Any way my daughter tells me I would love for my future husband to ask me to marry him that way. Here is the conversation that ensued afterward...

Me: OK I will save one of these little packets of hot sauce just to give to the guy that is going to ask you to marry him. And then I will tell him he has to ask you to marry him by handing you this packet and saying "PICK ME".

Michaela: (laughing) NO, they actually have a packet that says "Marry Me". I want my future man to hand me that packet of Hot sauce. I think it would be really sweet.

Me: You're kidding me right, (giggle), they do not have a packet that says Marry me.

Michaela: Yes they do, I find it for you.

she starts searching the plastic bag for our sauces and starts reading them off.

MIchaela: Watch we will get the only packets that don't say it. I swear mom they really do have ones that say Marry Me.

so as I am telling Lea to PICK ME on her contest, I decide I will Google the hot sauces. And guess what I found...yep you got it

So she isn't delusional as I first thought, but she is a little goofy! If I didn't think she was serious I wouldn't have posted about it. Taco Bell is her favorite place to eat and she loves their Hot sauce. So now I think I am going to hunt down this "Will YOu Marry Me" packet so that I can save it for her future husband!!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey honey, long time no talk!!! This is hilarious! You know the apple does not fall from the tree, lmbo! Our kids are just like us! Giggles... Oh gosh.. Yeah, mine might be 17 yrs old but believe I see a lot of my goofiness in her!!!
I love the packet.. and I love her thinking! A hopeless romantic if I ever saw one!! I hope the rest of the family is doing well honey! Hugs to you and I hope you have been fine!

Lea said...

LOLOLOL Heather!

I'll send PICK ME Hot Sauce vibes to the Randomizer on Saturday morning!!

LOL re your daughter and the MARRY ME hot sauce. I think you had better give this special guy a couple of hints when the time comes..

You have THE best stories..

Thanks for mentioning Steph's contest. ;)

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