Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Untouched by Anna Campbell

“I am many things,” Lord Sheene said. “Kind is not one of them.”

Beautiful Grace Paget has no reason to doubt these words. After all, she was kidnapped, spirited away to a remote country manor, and told she is to grant this man his every desire… or lose her life. But Grace is no common trollop. So she risks everything to save her virtue by planning a daring escape, even though she finds herself tempted by this dangerously handsome man. There is something in his eyes that makes her wonder if he is not as cruel as he would have her believe…

Sheene knew nothing of the plan to bring him this woman. Locked up as a prisoner, called “mad” by all of society, he will do anything to reclaim his life, and Grace’s sensuous beauty has distracted him from his goals. And although he finds her irresistible, he is horrified to hold her against her will. Now, together, they must both revolt against the strange set of circumstances that have forced them together - for only then will Grace truly surrender to him… forever.

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My Thoughts:
I purchased Untouched two plus years ago. I was browsing through the DoubleDay book club magazine when I ran across the beautiful cover. Yes, I ordered this book strictly for the cover. I had absolutely no idea what it was about. The couple embraced on the front cover in front of all that green just pulled me. However the cover could not make me read it. I loved looking at it but for some reason did not want to crack the book. I needed a Beta Hero to read for the Fall Challenge and someone else posted this book. I said to myself, this is the perfect time to read Untouched. I had yet to read anything Anna Campbell and I have heard such good things about her books. I have seen so many readers eagerly anticipating the release of Captive of Sin that I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I had just been reading paranormal romance and knew I needed a change before I fell into another reading slump. So as you can tell I had several reasons to finally pick this particular book out of my TBR pile clogging my closet up. I am now ready to slap myself. Why did I let this book sit there collecting dust just to stare at the cover for so long?!!

Lord Sheene, Matthew, has experienced a pretty secluded life by no choice of his own. At a very young age he suffered a fever that made him "mad". His uncle who had been granted guardianship over him after the deaths of his parents thought it best to have him shipped off to a secluded cottage and held under lock and key. Matthew tried to escape several times only to be thwarted by his uncle and his minions. With every escape he was returned to a tortured hell. He was severely beaten and had to live with the knowledge that his actions had also impacted innocent people.

His Uncle's greed knew no limits. Wanting to keep Matthew in line and to prevent any further attempts at escape he had his minions kidnap a woman and bring her back to the cottage. The woman however was to be a prostitute, one no one would miss. They had not counted on the widow.

Eloping at the age of 16 to be with a man much older and well below her station in life cost Grace her family. She vowed she would never become the trollop her father predicted her to be with the path she had chosen. Now she must go against her vows to save her own life. She never thought that she would fall in love with her fellow captive.

I was mesmerized from the start with Matthew and Grace. The will to survive the hopeless predicament that they had been thrust into and the tremulous beginnings made for a very sweet and romantic coming together. After bungling his first attempt at making love to Grace, Matthew redeems himself and shows so much passion and love that it is breathtaking.

Rating 5 stars

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