Thursday, November 12, 2009

More time for reading and blogging!!

I am finally going to have more time to read and blog. My son's football season is over. His team lost Game 2 in the playoffs Saturday ending the season. Unfortunately my son won't be starting his Wrestling season as planned either. Great for my reading and blogging but horrible for him and my husband. Cody broke a growth plate in his arm the night before our last game. So not only did he not get to play in the game but the Doctor just put the cast on his arm yesterday. He will be in it for three weeks, was only suppose to be two weeks but the office closed for Thanksgiving. He was really upset about missing the game and only mildly bummed about missing a month of wrestling. The good news for him in all of this is that he will now actually be able to go to a Boy Scout meeting. Me I get less running around and more time on the computer and with my lovely books. I have already read three books this month and just started my fourth... well I tried to start earlier this week but couldn't find the time to sit and read enough to catch my interest. Just as I was starting this morning my sister called and asked me to come get her and take her to Rome. Her husband was apparently scheduled for vascular surgery, he had to leave while she was at the doctor's office with her son, who was just diagnosed with pneumonia. I tell you when it rains it pours, well at least for my sister!! That took half my day. I did finally get to sit down and read a little and my interest has finally been piqued!!

I hope everyone is doing well and finding plenty of time to read!!


Cecile said...

***Sprinkling prayers over everyone in your family honey***
Hoping you have a great weekend honey!

Heather D said...

Thanks Cecile. It's all good. talked to sis today and nephew is feeling much better. Son loves the cast and I have a much needed break!! LOL

Cecile said...

I am glad to hear that Heather! We all need a break sooner or later... Some just come at... the right time!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog:

Cindy W said...

Hey Lady!! Cody is SO cute. Glad to hear things have turned for the better! I've not had time for much and have been really neglecting my blog. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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