Thursday, November 12, 2009

Laird of Desire by Paula Quinn

Paula Quinn
Book 1
August 2005

He Is Every Woman's Fantasy...
Darkly handsome and sensual, Lord Brand Risande--known as "The Passionate"--is temptation incarnate. But his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber hides a bitter secret: the betrayal that has sealed his heart. Now as this most feared warrior rides out to possess the lands he has won in war, he engages his most formidable enemy ever.

And One Woman's Destiny.
Lady Brynnafar Dumont is prepared to do anything to protect her people--even seduce the savage Norman knight who defeated her father. Prepared to face down a cold-blooded beast, she instead confronts a wickedly attractive scoundrel who wants nothing to do with her. It's enough to sting a lady's pride...and strengthen her resolve. Innocent as she is, now she must use all her charms to defeat Lord Brand in the only battle worth fighting--the one for his love.

My Thoughts:

I read Laird of the Mist last year. After reading that one book, I fell in love with Paula Quinn's works. She definitely did not disappoint me with her earlier work, book 1 in her Laird trilogy, Laird of Desire.

Brynna is feisty little women. She inherited her mother's passion and her father's will to fight. When the livelihood of her home is threatened by Lord Brande she vows that she will do what ever it takes to stay in her childhood home and allow no harm to come to her people. Little did she know that the man that was riding in to take her home was the same that she had been dreaming about for almost two years. This Lord Brande however was completely different, he lost his passion for life and instead of warmth he brings the cold.

Vowing to never love another woman again, Lord Brande would rather face another battle than to marry Lady Brynna. In order to keep the land that he rightfully won by defeating Lord Richard those are his only options. In taking the daughter as a wife he will avoid a war and make William of Normandy happy. But at what cost?

Brynna is just the woman to put the life back into Brande. I so enjoyed reading about these two. I could not put this one down and I look forward to reading books 2 and 3


Marissa said...

Hi Heather,

I am a great fan of Paula Quinn, I have read all her books, and love them all. Great review!

Heather D said...

Hi Marissa, thanks for stopping by.

A friend of mine turned me onto PQ and I can't thank her enough!! I love her writing and am eagerly anticipating her Children of the Mist series that comes out in May. Thanks for the compliment on the review. I posted it before I was finished, hopefully I will get it completed today.

Cindy W said...

Great review. I still haven't read this one!

Cecile said...

Well damn, all you had to say was that you can not put it down and I am in!!
Looks like a great series! Writing it down right now! =) Thanks for a new series to look up and a new to me author!
Hope you had a great day and a wonderful tomorrow!

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