Monday, August 17, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Over the weekend I received a few books that I have been anxiously awaiting. I have to give myself a pat on the back as well... Saturday my husband and I drove to Rome to drop my son off with my sister for the evening. We decided to eat out and were driving into town, when I saw the B&N. I always forget that Rome has a book store! Anyway, my husband had wanted to stop at a bookstore the other day to find a book on Coaching a football line, so I of course was very helpful and pointed it out. I am trying to be really good right now and not buy any new books (unless its an amazing deal like the three I found at the Dollar Tree last week). I am sticking to my husband like glue, not looking at the bargain table, not looking at displays at the end of each isle. I even asked for help, because I couldn't find the sports section, without redirecting myself down the romance isles. All the while I am telling my husband "Hurry Up!!! I can't trust myself in here." He took too long... I wound up circling around to a display that out of the corner of my eye I saw the Pamela Palmer book, you know the one... It looks like it could be the cover to the movie Last of the Mohicans (at least that is always what comes to mind when I see it). I called my mom, had to ask her which books I bought her for her birthday. I know I will be getting them back the next time I go see her, which will be forever now b/c she moved to W. VA. Then I found my way over to the romance section where I automatically grabbed Stolen Heat. Then I was thinking I need a book with Dream in the title for the upcoming Fall challenge. I found one, Sapphire Dream. So here it is I have two books, yes only two, in my hands. I go back to the sports section to find my husband and he is still looking. I laid my books down on the table directly behind him, he gave me this funny look and I had to ask "What?" then proceeded to tell him he needed to hurry or I was going to find more books. Well we started walking around again, and my conscience started getting to me... I have all those books at home crying to be read, this one will sit on a shelf collecting dust for months before I actually get to it, So I put Stolen Heat back. Then my husband said I don't really need this book, I can find all this stuff online and put his book up. That leaves me standing there with one book and a line at the checkout. Knowing how impatient my husband is I opt to put Sapphire Dreams up too. I would rather walk out empty handed than to have to listen to his ruffled feathers for the next half hour or so.

Then he started in on me about buying books for my Kindle. You see he only sees the books that come home in the mail or in a bag. He never gets to see the books I am buying for the Kindle. If he saw how many I have on there already he would probably freak! I have to say that I got really good deals on most of them ... really cheap to free! I told him I would wait until I got home to get the books that I just put down. They are probably cheaper at Amazon anyway right!!

OK enough of my ramblings... here'are the books I got in the past week:

I received my autographed copy of Highland Obsession over the weekend. I won this back in June on TBQ's blog. We are thinking that the first book got lost in the mail, so Ms. Halliday surprised me with a little something extra!!

An autographed copy of A Hint of Wicked.

Add ImageI received Edge of Hunger from PBS as well.

I received another book in the mail, but I am not keeping it. I already have a copy of it so I am giving it out to a friend. Then I have the three books that I found at the Dollar Tree while in search of the infamous dividers (for my daughter's school notebooks).

I got Pamela Clare Ride the Fire, Sandra Hill's Truly Madly Viking, and Amanda Ashley's The Captive.


Amy C said...

Hi Heather,
I have had similar experiences at the bookstore when with the hubby! And I start thinking the same thing. It's just going to sit and collect dust before I ever get to it :). If I had to browse before I found it, then I can put it back easier than if it's something I went in to purposely look for. then I usually always have to buy it!

I used to read Sandra Hill all the time. I have Truly, madly Viking. I'm sure I've read it too. It's been a few years, and I can't recall all of her Vikings and which one is which. She does have some funnies in her books!

Leontine said...

What a great MB you've got this week Heather! I see some great stories there, enjoy them.

Suddenly I am wondering; Did I order Highland Possession or did I ask it fr my b-day?? HHmmmmm

Mandi said...

Great books! I received Highlander Obsession too:)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Jennifer Haymore/Dawn Halliday's books. I've only read Highland Obsession. I have the other in my tbr, though.

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