Friday, August 7, 2009

Fight Like a Girl

Today I have run across two posts that really got me thinking. I have Rebecca Savage here guest blogging, and what a great topic Nature vs. Nurture. Then I ran across Emily Bryan's post Naked under my clothes (about living in your own skin and the problems we have with our image).

While out running my Honey Do's I heard this awesome song, Fight Like A Girl by Bomshel. Now I know I have heard this song before, but I have never really "listened". I am one those people that like the music and have the time don't have a clue as to what the words are. I guess that is why it took me a year to figure out what Pink was singing in U and Ur Hand and had to run out and buy the newest Nickelback CD and allow my daughter to listen to it (yes she brought it to my attention how inappropriate this group really is, but I do love them so). Any how I thought that Fight Like A Girl was the perfect song to go along with both posts by Rebecca Savage and Emily Bryan.

Enjoy the song and make sure to check out both of these great posts!

Bomshel - Fight Like A Girl [ New Video + Lyrics + Download ]


SusiSunshine said...
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SiNn said...

I love this song the very first time i heard it i didnt quite like it then all of a sudden alight went ona nd it clicked now its like my theme song even tho alot of people dont get it or understand but it truelly is a song that everyone should hear and understand thank you for posting !

Cindy W said...

I loved it Heather! One that really hit me was Wide Open Spaces by Dixie Chicks! Thanks for sharing

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