Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Knight Only by Julia Latham

Julia Latham
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pub. Date: November 2007
ISBN-13: 9780061235160

She knew she would have to risk her life...

Daring and adventurous, Anne Kendall would give anything to join the secret band of warrior knights known as the League of the Blade, and she eagerly agrees to a perilous masquerade. But then Sir Phillip Clifford, a reckless, brutally handsome knight, joins their party, bringing back memories of stolen kisses, passionate longings, and one night when seh would have done anything to be his.

But not her heart...

Anne would prefer to concentrate on the dangerous mission at hand... but the glorious, savage passion that begisn to develop between her and this unruly warrior may prove him to be the knight of her dreams...and her fantasies.

My Thoughts:

Disguised as Lady Rosamond, Anne has embarked on a mission to save one woman’s life and thwart a plot to kill King Henry. When Phillip recognizes Anne in the disguise she has to find a way to protect her identity and the mission, and what better way than to have the Bladesmen protecting her invite him to help.

Anne and Phillip share a history that Anne would sooner forget, feeling the embarrassment of desiring a man she cannot have. Phillip becomes a distraction that could endanger the mission. They both must overcome their pasts and their background to find an end to the mission and eventual happiness in the lives that they both have chosen.

One Knight Only is a real cloak and dagger story set in the fifteenth century. Anne is a strong willed woman who is desperate to find a new life, one in which she chooses and has control of. Phillip is a daring Knight that is tired of living his life based on someone else’s dreams. He has finally decided that what he most out of life is not what he wants and is not that important any longer. What matters most is finding the love that only one woman can show him. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Anne and Phillip’s adventures and look forward to reading Thrill of the Knight and Secrets of the Knight; these books are not considered a series however they are linked by the characters in them.

4 stars


Mandi said...

Nice review...I have not heard of this book. I like a cloak and dagger story:)

Heather D said...

Thanks Mandi. I found it through another friend on Shelfari. She put it on her wish list, which at the time would pop up when I logged on and it sounded really good. I wish I had read Thrill of the Knight first. From what I read it sounds like Anne and Phillip had pretty decent sized parts in it.

Blanche said...

Great review Heather! I've not read anything by Julia Latham.......this sounds like a really good book!!

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