Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Using the list randomizer on, Our lucky winner is:


Lea, please email your information so that I may forward it on to Elizabeth Amber. Don't forget to choose between B&N and Amazon for your gift card!!


There were 73 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Lea
  3. Sarabelle
  4. Joder
  5. The Book Queen
  6. Mandi
  7. LighthouseSandy
  8. Flchen1
  9. Dottie
  10. Pams00
  11. Afstone3
  12. Barbara
  13. LighthouseSandy
  14. Melissa
  15. Dag888888
  16. Malleycc
  17. Lea
  18. VampFanGirl
  19. Tetewa
  20. Dottie
  22. Lil
  23. Booklover1335
  24. Melissa
  25. Caffey
  26. Throuthehaze
  27. Ms. M
  28. Rebecca Knight
  29. Amy C
  30. Cathy M
  31. Rachie G
  32. Valorie
  33. Amy C
  34. Estella
  35. Blanche
  36. Cindy W
  37. Housemouse88
  38. Shawn
  39. Valorie
  40. Pams00
  41. I Heart Book Gossip
  42. Book Junkie
  43. Kim h
  44. Kytaira
  45. The Book Queen
  46. LadyVampire2U
  47. MarthaE
  48. Tami Winbush
  49. Blanche
  50. Cindy W
  51. I Heart Book Gossip
  52. Jeanette8042
  53. Flchen1
  54. Mariee
  55. Cybercliper
  56. Joder
  57. M-square
  58. Book Junkie
  59. Barbara
  60. CrystalGB
  61. Booklover1335
  62. MarthaE
  63. Amy S
  64. Armenia
  65. Budletsmom
  66. Chris
  67. LadyVampire2U
  68. Mari
  69. Leontine
  70. Miranda (Sweet Vernal Zephyr)
  71. Throuthehaze
  72. Etirv
  73. Mandi

Timestamp: 2009-07-15 13:13:32 UTC

Thank you everyone that came by and made my first guest blog experience such a great success!!

Ms. Amber thank you for being so gracious and willing to be on my blog!! Your books are truly awesome and I look forward to reading more!!


Anonymous said...
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Amy C said...

Woot!! Lea is on a winning streak!


Chris said...

Congrats, Lea! And she really IS on a winning streak. :)

Cecile said...

YAYAYAYAY Lea!!!! Congrats honey!!! I know you will definitely have a Happy Reading with those brothers!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Cybercliper said...

Congrats Lea, the covers of this series alone makes my toes curl!!!

Elizabeth Amber said...


Thanks to all who dropped by Heather's blog.

And thank you sooo much for having me as a guest on your blog, Heather!

Lea said...


Wow, thank you so much Heather, and Ms. Amber!!

I can't believe this. I'm undone..

Randomizer has been especially kind to me lately.

Thank you again so much.


Lea :)

Cindy W said...

Congrats Lea!

Blanche said...

Way to go Lea..........Congrats!! :)

flchen1 said...

Woot, Lea! Thanks again, Heather and Ms. Amber!

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