Monday, July 20, 2009

Mailbox Monday

A trip to the post office is not always fun usually get a lot of junk mail, bills, more crap, and the occasional book. I did pretty well in the contests for June and July and have been anxiously awaiting several books. My son really enjoys it when I get books in the mail, almost as much as I do, he always asks if I got a little orange key. The key means I have a package and he always gets to open the second mail box. If ever you were to be in the post office at the same time you might think we won the lottery with the way he behaves! Well here's my loot for the week:

Courtesy of Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings. I won both Fever and Burning Wild by Christine Feehan in her June Contest. She was really great! Thank you Alaine!

I won The Grand Sophy last week at Anna's Book Blog
Thanks Anna!!

I won Lord of the Forest on Blanche's blog, There's No Such Thing as Too Many Books.
Thanks Blanche!


Amy C said...

Congrats on your wins, Heather!

That story about your son was too cute! It's great when kids get excited about the strangest things!

ann marie said...

Congrats on your winning books. Happy reading. :)

Lea said...

How nice to win so many awesome books Heather!!

You enjoy. :) It does make that trip to the post box enjoyable doesn't it?


Heather D said...

Good morning ladies and Thanks for the congrats!

As soon as I get out of this funk, no desire to read, I will have plenty to choose from! I am hoping the funk is something to do with my kids being home for the summer. It seems that every time I sit down and pick up a book some one is yelling for something else or the dryer goes off, etc.

Leontine said...

Hi Heather,
I need to make a big round so I'll cut right to the chase and say I've given you some award love:

I've given you an award(s) click ~here~ to receive it.

Cybercliper said...

I've read both of the Christine Feehan books and loved them...nothing like a steamy jungle and a sexy shapeshifter...congrats and enjoy!!

Teddyree said...

Congrats on winning Alaine's contest, I borrowed Fever off her and its next on my reading list :-)
Have a great reading week.

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