Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber

Rating: 4.5 stars
Published: 2007
319 pages
Back Cover: Nicholas looks very much like what he is- the handsome, successful heir to a vineyard in Tuscany. But Nicholas is much more, for he is one of the last in an ancient line of satyr men. And the dying king of Elseworld wants him not only to marry, but to wed one of the king's own daughters- a half-human, half-faerie woman unaware of her heritage. Nicholas won't shirk his duty to produce heirs to guard his race's legacies, but he never plans to make his bride his only lover. A satyr's sexual hunger and sensual skills are legendary. One woman will never satisfy him.
Or so Nicholas believes until he meets Jane. As spirited as she is fey, as beautiful as she is innocent, she is nevertheless determined to make her new husband hers alone- and she is eager for him to teach her every deliciously carnal secret he knows.
WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book... very explicit!!
Review: This was my first experience with a novel of this type. I have read several paranormal romances but this one has topped the cake. As said above this is a very sexually explicit book. There were things in this book that actually shocked me...well not really but they should have! The sexual scenes were great, if not a little beyond my comfort zones. I thoroughly enjoyed the story too.
Jane is completely unaware of her heritage. She is ashamed of the changes that she has been experiencing since puberty... not those of a normal well bred English girl. She abhors anything having to do with wine... she blames wine for her mothers death and her father's downfall. Her father has moved Jane and her sister to their aunts home in Italy. Her aunt has some grand schemes going on... a very devious B**** to say the very least.
Nicholas accomplishes the task set out for him rather easily. Not only has he has found Jane, the daughter of the King of Elseworld, but he has arranged a marriage between them. Jane does not understand why Nicholas would ask for after only a short meeting.
I was not very happy with Nicholas's treatment with Jane at the beginning of their marriage. I could not believe that this man who's sexual desires were so great could be this cold toward the woman who was going to spend the rest of her life with him and bare his children. I was relieved when Jane took matters into her own hands and tipped the scales into her favor. The love that eventually bloomed between these two was sweet and very passionate.
If you are looking for a change of pace and something completely shocking to your senses, try this book out. I look forward to reading the remaining books in the Lords of Satyr series.

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