Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Pirate of Her Own by Kinley MacGregor

Winter Challenge #10 Read a book that has a Viking or Pirate in it!
RATG 1. Pirate or Viking: A Pirate Of Her Own by Kinley Macgregor
371 pages

Rating: 5 stars

Back Cover: Few know Morgan Drake's true name- but many fear the Sea Wolf, the scourge of the ocean, a fearless pirate who frees impressed American sailors from British vessels. Mow a beautiful reporter is willing to risk her life, her innocence, and her heart to reveal the secrets that Morgan is determined to protect at any cost...
A headstrong and courageous young woman in a man's world, Serenity James knows she is barely tolerated in her father's newspaper office. An exclusive story about the dreaded Sea Wolf, however, will earn her the respect she so fervently desires. But she never expected to be kidnapped by the sexy and dangerous brigand whose bold exploits have fired her imagination- or to discover the adventure she's always longed for in Morgan Drake's passionate caress.

My Thoughts: This was an absolute delight to read. I could not put it down and was sorely disappointed to have it end. Serenity is definitely headstrong, her father has often asked why her mother gave her the name Serenity and said that she should have named her Incense. Her greatest trait is that of being able to antagonize a person who is ready to strangle her. These traits do not fade in the face of Morgan Drake, who she should fear to her very last breath.
Serenity and Morgan butt heads from the moment they meet in her father's newspaper office. Morgan is at a loss as to how the woman is constantly able to back him out of a room and close the door in his face before he realizes which way is up. The banter between these two is hilarious. I actually marked a few pages to go back to this time around!! Serenity's lecture on why woman are equal to men and her response to Morgan's comment " why God made women the fairer sex who faint at the slightest scare" was priceless. I have to say that it is a must read for all of you readers out there that love Pirates!!!

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Cindy W said...

Great review!! I've had that on my wishlist for a while, so glad to know it's a good one!!!

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