Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 Personal Challenge

I have committed myself to two challenges that require me to read nine books first published in 2009. In attempt to jump start my lists for these two challenges I have been searching the internet for up coming releases. I ran across a discussion about "Must Reads for 2009" on Shelfari. A fellow ROR member noted that she would be using 2009 for reading "New to me authors", so most of her books chosen wont be newly released ones. It made me think about what my reading plans are for '09. I introduced myself to several new authors in '08 through the help of fellow readers. I purchased several of these recommended books, yet they still sit on my closet shelf.

I started questioning my logic in purchasing these new to me authors but not reading them and have come to a conclusion. I have not wanted to start these series due to the number of books in them. I have had so many books come to me that I have been dying to read that I just could not see starting a new series that I know would ultimately make me put everything else aside until I completed the series.

So in conjunction with (or in addition to) the few challenges I have committed myself to I am creating my own personal challenge. In 2009 I am committing myself to reading these series:

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
Dark Hunter by Sherrily Kenyon
The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn
The Carpathians by Christine Feehan

These are some really long series with the exception of BDB which I believe has only five so far. I have a head start on The Bridgertons and The Carpathians as I have already read one from each.

I have to thank Beth (Carpool Queen) for creating her Serial Challenge, yes I have committed myself to it, because my personal challenge will fit in extremely well there if no where else!

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Melanie said...

Good Luck Heather, I am reading the Bridgertons by Julia Quinn also.

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