Thursday, September 4, 2008

Highland Warrior by Connie Mason

Fall Challenge '08: #15. title with two words

Rating 4.5

To end generations of feuding Ross MacKenna must wed Gillian McKay, a fiery lass wielding a sword. Treachery is afoot; Angus Sinclair has need of the feud and has several plans to ensure that the McKay and the MacKenna clans continue with their feud.
Connie Mason has never failed to write a gripping story full of action, passion and love. This was a great story! It’s been a while since I picked up a Connie Mason book, I forgot how HOT they can be, or how frequently they get HOT. I was not disappointed with Highland Warrior. Ross was of course a hunky Highlander who is possessive over what is his. He did not for one second believe that he could not “tame” his wild wife. Gillian was a strong woman who wanted to keep the feud going… the MacKenna did slay two of her brothers. This was definitely an amazing story of treachery, love, and swordplay. I am putting this one on my wish list.

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