Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I have been up to and Some of the books I have read this month!

Gee... it has been  a while since I have come to blog land. I have absolutely no excuses. I have only read three books this month and I have no desire to write a "My Thoughts" on them. They were not awful books by any means. I rather enjoyed all of them. I miss blog hopping and chatting with a few of you wonderful ladies. I have said it several times over the past few months that I am going to make a conscious effort to be around more, but for some reason that is just not happening. And as I said a second ago, there are no excuses...well maybe that I have just been too lazy to do it!! I don't believe that my sporadic posting will get any better, not with Track meets, baseball, and tumbling.  I gave my daughter an ultimatum, either she tries out for cheerleading or no more tumbling. So in April she will be trying out for Cheerleading. She did put a condition on the cheering and I guess I am a push over because I allowed it. She's stipulating that she will cheer for basketball not football, but I am still pushing for both and maybe even competition.

These are the books that I have read so far this month:

I have heard many wonderful things about Tortured but after winning a copy from Ms. McIntyre I didn't get around to reading it. I finally made a point to make it a challenge book. I really enjoyed the dark romance. Am I wrong, or did I read somewhere that there is going to be a follow up to this one? I am definitely looking forward to reading Torin's story, if he gets one!!  Rating: 5 stars

I am not liking this cover. The cover on my version is much prettier! I am not overly fond of books where the heroine is raped. I give it to the author that she had her drugged before it occurred and it wasn't brutal (if you can say rape is not brutal), but it still took away from my overall enjoyment of the book. One other issue I had with it was that the heroine was too willing to stand idly by while her husband, who she was falling in love with, did what ever he wanted. She never demanded explanations and was never a burden to him. Get a back bone woman!! I did give An Arranged Marriage a 4 star rating, because other than those two issues I enjoyed the book and I do have to remember that the book is older and rape seems to have been the thing to write about.

I just finished Simon Says by Lori Foster. I know that this is only the second book in the SBC Fighter series, and only my second Lori Foster book, but I am really enjoying them. I have just ordered Hard to Handle from PBS and Simon Says is definitely going to my keeper shelf... that is if I don't pass it off to my mother to read.
I know Barber is not a fighter, but I wonder if Ms. Foster is going to give him a book of his own? I have some high hopes for him. All through the book I was thinking that Dean and Simon would some how convince Barber to become a competitive fighter and was saddened to see that it didn't happen.

So that is what I have been reading! Up next will be my first Stephanie Tyler book, Hard to Hold. I am double dipping with this book, using it both for the Readers of Romance Spring Challenge and DIK challenge. And because it is a DIK challenge book, it will definitely get a "My Thoughts" post all of its own, however it will not be posted until the end of the month.


Cecile said...

Hey honey!!!! Yes you are right about Tortured... there is a follow up of Torin's story!!!

I wanted to stop by to wave, hug and say hi!!!!

Kara said...

I love the SBC Fighter series...Hard to Handle is a good one and you get to read more about Barber!!

Hard to Hold was a good one too!!

Heather D said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi Cecile!! I am going to have to put a radar out for Torin's story!

Kara-- I am loving this series. I just got the email letting me know that my copy of Hard to Handle is on its way.

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