Monday, February 1, 2010

All Night With A Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins


Seduce Lady Juliana Ivers and then cast her aside: Those are his sister’s instructions. Alexius Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair--known as Sin to the ton--is happy enough to oblige, especially when he catches a glimpse of his target. Juliana is completely unlike the empty-headed chits who barely hold his attention for a week. A true gentleman would leave her to find a worthy suitor. But then, a Lord of Vice would never claim to be a gentleman.


Juliana is expected to marry well to improve her family’s finances, even if she secretly longs to make a living through her musical compositions. A dalliance can only complicate matters, though not even practical Juliana can help succumbing to the aptly named Sin. But one unforgettable night will draw her into a scandalous affair and a seduction begun as sport will soon become deliciously, dangerously real.

My Thoughts:

First let me start with saying that this cover is totally Awesome! I am loving all the red and the sensually posed couple.

The lovely Juliana finds herself in quite the predicament after she flees her dinner escort's unwanted advances. Stuck in a tree she has no choice but to bite her tongue when Sin and his lady of the moment wander into her view for their lovers' tryst. Sin comes to Lady Juliana's rescue and becomes completely enchanted with her. Leaving him standing in the back gardens without giving her name, he has vowed that he will find his lybbestre again and make her his...for the moment.

Sin's sister, Duchess Belinda, has taken a dislike to Juliana. She feels that Juliana has effectively taken Lord Kyd's affections, the one man that she is in love with, and she wants revenge. The spiteful Belinda has asked her notorious brother, in a Cruel Intentions (you know the movie I am talking about) sort of way, to not only seduce Juliana but to publicly dispose of their relationship and in turn effectively ruining Juliana and any chance of her making a good match. Not that Juliana has any intentions of following through with her mother's desires to marry... she has her own agenda which definitely contributed to the bulls-eye that has landed on her back.

All Night With A Rogue has a plot that is full of twists and turns creating a story that will hold your attention and keep you turning the pages. My only concern with this book was that the author, in my opinion, did not dedicate enough time (pages) to the love affair between Sin and Juliana. Their is definitely plenty to keep the story's flow moving, but I would have loved to see a little more between the couple. How  Ms. Hawkins would be able to accomplish it without having to take away from the side plots is beyond me... I certainly would not want to lose any of them. Juliana's mother was something to behold, I wanted to reach in and wring her neck quite a few times... I mean what was she thinking! I thoroughly enjoyed the tangled web that was weaved in All Night With A Rogue, and I look forward to reading more from the Lord of Vice series.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Cecile said...

Very good review Heather!
I have this book on my TBB list. I have seen mixed reviews about this book and that intrigues me to find out for myself!!
Hope you have a great day!

Mandi said...

Nice review! I agree I wanted to see more pages of Juliana and Sin happy together. I kind of liked that the mother was the one with the gambling problem..and by the end I started liking her. Very interested in the next book :)

Armenia said...

Very nice review, Heather. This is my kind of historical, with twists and intrigue. Definitely one going on my wishlist!!

VampFanGirl said...

Ditto on your thoughts of Juliana's mother, Heather. How is that love I wonder?? I just couldn't imagine doing that to my own child or having my mother do that to me. The cruelty was surprsing and if I'd been Juliana, I never would have forgiven her. Ever.

Also, ditto regarding the want of more page dedication to the romance. I think that in and of itself could have really made this book better.

Fab review, girl!

Hugs, VFG

Anonymous said...

Wonderful review Heather!! GAWD, I love this cover.

Marissa said...

Love your review, I have this one on the shelf, heard many good things about it so far!

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