Sunday, September 27, 2009

Highland Obsession by Dawn Halliday

In the Scottish Highlands, two warriors are about to clash over a woman of passion...

They were the unlikeliest of friends debauching their way through London: The Earl of Camdonn, a nobleman of vast wealth and power, and Scottish laird Alan MacDonald, a respected Jacobite with ambitions of his own.

But their friendship is destroyed when Alan marries the beautiful Sorcha Stewart—only to witness Cam kidnap her from their bedroom. Then Alan learns the truth: his bride was not an innocent. She took a lover before him—his friend—who taught her the ways of pleasure.

Now, Alan will do anything to get his wife back. Cam fights to redeem his honor, even as he refuses to give up his desire. Torn between love and duty, Sorcha must watch as the two men she desires go to war over her. And when the battle lines are drawn, all three lovers are lured into a triangle of forbidden passions...

My Thoughts:
First off--- this cover is gorgeous!! I could just eat it up!!!!

Alan has spent most of his life in England but the time has come for him to journey back to his homelands in Scotland and take his rightful position as Laird. His best friend, Cam, has already made his journey back to Scotland to secure his lands. Now the two men live as neighbors in Scotland on different sides of the political drama that is taking place.

Alan feels that the time is right to find a wife and settle down, seeing Sorcha only confirms his thoughts. Alan is completely mesmerized by Sorcha's beauty and asks for her hand in marriage. Alan is so gentle with his new wife on their wedding night. He would never have suspected by her performance that she was any less than what she says she is. The realization of her lies comes crashing down around Alan's head after Sorcha is abducted by none other than his best friend Cam.

Alan must learn to trust his wife, redeem his honor, and find a way to forgive his best friend or he will lose the two most important people in his life. This love triangle is definitely intersting. I had a little bit of a hang up with the story but don't want to give anything away. All in all this was a delightful story that I really enjoyed. I highly recommend reading it!

Rating: 4.5


Lea said...

Nice review Heather!

I love Dawn Halliday's voice and am actually reading a novella by her right now. :)

You are so right - yummy cover..

I hope you are having a great weekend too.

Cindy W said...

Yum O! I've seen this one around, and need to check it out!

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