Friday, March 20, 2009

Nora Roberts: Northern Lights

For those of you who have had your head buried in the sand, don't read Nora, or don't watch Lifetime Movies for Women... My all time favorite author, one that I have read consistently over the last 15 years, Nora Roberts has done it again. She teamed up with Lifetime movies and made movies out of some of my favorite books. The first one Northern Lights premieres Saturday March 21 at 9 pm Eastern . Leanne Rhimes is staring beside Eddie Cibrian
We all know who Leanne Rhimes is (reason for no picture... that and I am technically challenged), but I didn't know this hunk by name... but I have definitely seen him in several things!

I have to say that I was a little disappointed in Blue Smoke when I watched the premiere, but the other three were pretty decent... they at least rated right up there with the rest of the Lifetime movies. I had not read the other books before watching the movies, maybe that is why I wasn't disappointed in them. I am giving it another chance. I plan on making my best friend, who has never read a Nora book, watch it with me Saturday.

I will unfortunately have to catch a rerun of the second movie, the one I am most looking forward to, Midnight Bayou. I am really kicking myself in the you know what for letting my husband talk me into getting rid of my DVR! Oh well I will make him suffer, he will either have to hibernate in the bedroom or watch these movies with me in the living room...I'm NOT going to give up my TV!!!
I tried to share the video, but for some reason it didn't work...I'm sure it was user error!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh what a hunk!! Thanks for the headsup on the movie!!

Randi said...

I can't wait to see this movie. I was also disappointed with Blue Smoke. I don't think I could ever give me DVR!!

Anonymous said...

I saw a commercial for this and I am so excited! I love when Lifetime does this with her books!
Thanks for the reminder!

Heather said...

I watched this trailer for Northern Lights!! I'm so excited for it this weekend.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Hi :)

I was just passing by to tell you that you have an award waiting for you here :)

Please come and pick it up ;)

Heather said...

So what did you think? I thought it was pretty good.

Have you watched Midnight Bayou yet?

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