Tuesday, March 10, 2009



My friend Baraba, over at Happily Forever After, recently ran a contest featuring Charlotte Featherstone

and I am the lucky winner of not only an autographed copy of Addicted but also

a copy of the anthology, Lords Of Desire!

Thank You so much Baraba!!!

Ms. Featherstone, I look forward to reading Addicted and Thank You for such a wonderful prize!!


Barbara said...

I just so happened to finish packing it up not two minutes ago!! It's on it's way in the morning. I hope you love the story. OMG, she really is super talented!!

Heather said...

Thank you again and again and again. I am really looking forward to reading this after your review and discussion of the book.

MsMoonlight (Elizabeth Jules Mason) said...

congrats on the book Heather.
I see you will soon be reading "Scent of Darkness" by Christina Dodd- that was a hot paranormal book and my favorite of that series (book #3 was really good too).

Heather said...

You are the first person that I have come across that has read this series or at least has commented on this series. I love Christina Dodd's books. I believe she was one of the first few authors that I read once venturing into the romance line of reading.

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