Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yep it's that time a year!!!

 My son has officially kicked off his football season. So far we have had two pre-season games and two official games. His team is 2-0. I can never get tired of hearing "Ding in the backfield"!

My husband is one of Cody's coaches and sometimes it is hard to separate the dad from the coach and vice versa. This has led to a few problems on the field.  While we don't allow our son to talk back to us at home, he feels that he can talk back on the field. But he only does it with his dad, none of the other coaches ever have an issue with Cody. So when Cody started reading the plays and going after the ball instead of playing his position the way he is suppose to he just about lost his chance to play both sides of the ball. My heart fell the afternoon my husband told Cody that he had officially lost his position as the Defensive End.  I hurt for my son, but I could not believe that I would not be hearing those four little words...Ding in the backfield.

Fortunately my son's ability to read the plays was noticed by another teams coach during a practice scrimmage and he suggested that our coaches move Cody to Middle Linebacker. Now I am not all too familiar with this position. But my husband tells me that basically it gives Cody the freedom to go where the ball is and anything that tries to come up the middle is all his. My son loves to tackle!!  so this made his day. Not only does he get to continue to play both sides of the line but he gets to tackle someone all the time.

Now for the games~~~ two weeks ago we played Hiram Hornets.  I have to say this game was a difficult one!! We went into overtime. I don't know if our overtime is played the same as college or pro-ball, but this is how it works for my little guy...the teams are lined up 10 yards from the goal line and they have 4 downs to make a touchdown. the two teams take turns doing this until someone scores. So if the first team scores they win the game. If both teams have their turn and neither team scores then they start all over again but they reverse the order. So in the first over time Team A went first so in second overtime Team B will go first. We were into the third overtime on our fourth down when We finally scored our winning touchdown!   I have to say I was on pins and needles and praying that these boys would make something happen pretty quick or I was not going to be able to  get it on battery was dying and dying fast.  Final Score 12-6

Yesterday we played SCRA Redskins: This game had to be a birthday present for my husband and coach Dwayne, it just had to be. I mean these two guys have to share their birthday with the  memory of one of the most devastating days in my lifetime.This game was a cakewalk and I really felt bad for the other team.  They ended up not posting any more scores and just letting the clock run during the second half. We won 42-0.  Because I video the games I really don't get to see much of what happens. I know that sounds odd, you would think that with me videoing the games I should see everything when it happens but that is just not the case. I have to follow the ball to the best of my ability using a 2" screen on my little video camera. So until I watch the video I won't be able to tell you that my son actually tripped over his own feet while running the ball during a Tight End Reverse... my husband does tell me that he did get at least 8 yards in before it happens. So later today I can laugh at my son when I have time to sit and watch the entire game!!!

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Lea said...

Oh, what fun Heather! Sounds like your young one is going to be a pro!! ;)

It is so special to spend these moments with our kids. Enjoy because they grow up so fast.


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