Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Jealous!

My sister came down for a visit last week, and she surprised me by actually wanting to see me for a change. I love my sister but I am not high on her priority list when she comes to visit her house and in laws. It's not like I am so out of the way that spending an hour or two hanging out at my house or meeting for lunch/dinner should be such a chore. She has really put my kids noses out of joint on this visit because she didn't bring her boys with her when she came to have lunch with me and she didn't stay long enough to see my daughter. I will give her some credit though, she was suppose to be gone before my son got home which is why she didn't bring the boys. My sister is self absorbed for the most part and I know this so I really try not to get my feelings hurt that she doesn't seem to think that it is necessary to come visit with us when she is in town. My husband is laying down the law now though...there will be no more helping her inlaws out with babysitting when the boys come down. I don't know if I like that because it may be the only way I get to see my nephews.  But this is not what this post is suppose to be about!!! So I am going stop my rant right here and tell you why I am jealous!

While she was down she showed me her Birthday gift from her husband. (This present really shocked me because when I got my Kindle she thought I was insane.) She pulled out her brand new Nook!! Yes, both devices have basically the same things going on... and I didn't have too much time to really check her Nook out, but OMG was it so cool with its touch screen and color. She did like that I have a keyboard that she doesn't have. I was in complete awe!! And her cover was in color as well. She also didn't get my post on facebook quick enough... she went out and spent the $25 for a book light for her Nook, I tried to tell her that the el cheapo that I got from Wal Mart works really well with my Kindle, and after seeing my light she wishes that I had gotten on the computer sooner. Me on the other hand seriously has that ugly green eyed monster rearing its ugly little head. I love how her book light clips to the side of the device and hides nicely beside it when not being used and the cover conceals it when it is closed. So now not only am I envious of the new device but I am also jonesing for a new cover and book light. I checked them out and Yikes! I can't see wasting that money...I mean thats money that I could be using to buy more books. So I will sit back and be happy with what I have and know that my husband loves me very much.

I am guessing that this means that the days of trading books back and forth are over. We all know that the readers will not be able to read the books purchased at either bookstore.

Oh and I just thought of something that should make me feel better but doesn't really... she hasn't learned to shop around and do price comparisons. I won't purchase an ebook if it costs more than a paperback at the store. She is learning the hard way. She had a book in her shopping cart and her husband (remember he is the one who bought the Nook for her) secretly pulled the book from the cart. When she realized the book was not in the bags she went to her Nook and bought it. Im not sure how long it took for her to realize that she paid $3 more for the ebook than she would have at Wal Mart, but she was highly upset about it. 


Cecile said...

***Hugs honey***

Brande said...

I think our sisters come from the same thread. Love them but can't live with them.

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