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The Wasteland Series/Anthology

The Wanderer-by Crystal Jordan
This story opens up the reader’s eyes to a whole new world. Kadira and Ezra’s chemistry burn up the pages, not to mention what happens when they bring more people into their bed. The Wasteland comes alive in a wild post apocalyptic way that reveals a tribal community with technological know how and a lot of…um…interesting customs.
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The Whore-by Lilli Feisty
You may think the title says it all. And its true, no one does in your face gritty like our Feisty, but there is a lot of vulnerability, humor, and yes, man on man while a woman is watching love as well. Feisty takes us to the edges of city life. The darker edges. Shows us that there is more to this Wasteland than meets the eye. And she shows us pirates…I mean…pirates for heaven’s sake.
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The Breeder-by Eden Bradley
Nitara brings us into the heart of Kroy Wen, the sacred Temple. She shows us civilization-the fragile, barely hidden barbarity of it. And she shows us that when love is involved, acts of great courage are still possible, even in the Wasteland. (And yes, you heathens, she also shows us dirty nookie and threesomes and man on man love.)
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The Priestess-by RG Alexander
The final book gets to touch base with each of the worlds. Most closely intertwined with Eden Bradley’s Breeder, it starts in the Temple. But Xian, The High Priestess, comes into contact with pirates, thieves, and Wanderers. Hel, her Sun Guard, has a past with them as well. When Xian goes off to discover the truth about the world shes living in, why she doesn’t have all the answers as High Priestess, she takes Hel along and they discover the addictive taste of freedom.
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I finally got all four books and took the time to sit down and read each one back to back!! I have to say having only read two of the four authors I was pleasantly surprised to have loved all four stories. Yes you must read all four of them, I don't think that it is a  must to read them in order except for The Breeder and The Priestess...these two definitely play off of each other and you really need to read The Breeder before reading The Priestess. The words Steam Punk completely throw me for a loop and I have to say that I normally turn my nose up and walk away from a book with that label. And I almost did it with The Wasteland. But after spending so much time with these authors in their Yahoo Group and reading several excerpts I just couldn't pass  up on the opportunity to try something new.  This just goes to show that you really shouldn't judge a book by its labels! 

These four ladies did an awesome job of putting together a world where the caste systems...or a should say who falls into which caste...are determined by one woman, the High Priestess. Lets see how best to tell you about The Wasteland ...

***You definitely need to read all of the warnings on these books... OMG were they HOT (think the hottest pepper and multiply it by 10)***

Outside of the city living in the deserts and caves you have The Wanderers. Within this group you have several smaller groups or clans who battle each other, trade with each other, and twice a year put all differences aside to celebrate in the Spring and Fall Rites.

Kadira and Ezra heat the pages from the very start. The sexual tension electrifies you as soon as you start reading. These two have watched each other at all the Rites from afar for several years, this year however Ezra has his mind made up he will have Kadira no matter what the cost. Kadira is a shaman which means that she must remain untouched for several weeks during the Rites to perform the coming of age and bonding ceremonies. She is also a warrior who pushes herself to be better than everyone else. Her past demands it of her and she will not allow this chieftain to distract her from her duties. 

I was so wrapped up in this book I burned dinner... does that tell you something !! I loved how Kadira and Ezra allowed their past to dictate their lives until they came together and could no longer stick to their guns of never falling in love. Ezra's possessiveness or should we say protectiveness of Kadira was endearing and it made it even sweeter when he realized that he could share her without doing bodily harm to someone. Yes this story is jam packed with several sexual scenarios but the love story that builds and culminates was awesome!

Inside the city the women do not come and go as freely as they would with the clans. Women are revered and protected. They are not allowed to walk the streets of the is not safe for them. There are three classes of women in the city... The Rose or the Whore, The Breeders and The Priestesses. 

In The Whore we meet Bryn, a Rose or a prostitute. She is unusual in that she does not enjoy her work. In the evenings she sneaks out in boys clothing to run to the docks. One night she is not so successful in going unnoticed and runs into three thugs that want her earbob. The only problem with just handing it over is that it is part of her disguise and hides the rose tattoo that symbolizes her station. If anyone finds out that she has left the safety of the house her punishment will be harsh. There won't be any debilitating isolation for such a defiance. Thankfully two extremely hot men come to her rescue. Bryn knows immediately that they are pirates and follows them listening to their conversation. Without thinking she gives herself a way out of prostitution but could possibly have created a much bigger problem for herself. 

The Breeder Nitara is having doubts about her upcoming sacrifice. She is dreaming about him instead of the babies that she will bring into the world to help repopulate the Earth, gifts for the Goddess. Akaash is not like other Wanderers that have been captured and brought to the Temple to be the Virgin Sacrifice. He is not as susceptible to the drugs used to keep the warriors immobilized in a constant state of arousal. Nitara and Akaash use her Taming Moon to become better acquainted, each becoming aware that the other is more than they seem. 

In The Priestess we see how the escape of a sacrifice and a Breeder effect the High Priestess. Her doubts about her world are only intensified after the escape. Needing to find answers she has her Sun Guard Hel accompany her on a journey that breaks every rule/law of the Temple.

All I can say is WoW!! This world is explicit and passion is expected. It is believed that the passions shared is a must in order to keep Man subdued. I loved this series and highly recommend it to any one and everyone that has no qualms about reading very sexually explicit stories. I am really building a love hate relationship with novellas right now. I thoroughly enjoyed these novellas. All four ladies did a wonderful job keeping the flow of the world and the stories intertwined in a way that stayed connected. ---Does that make sense?--- You can tell that they put in many painstaking hours in creating their own stories while staying true to the overall theme of the story. This is how it should be done!!! The Wasteland definitely earns a 5 star rating!!!


Cecile said...

Hey hon! I have seen this series float about here and there. I like your review of this series!
I hope all is well for you and the family honey!!!

Lea said...

Thanks for your review Heather! Sounds great. I have 2 of the four novellas and will pick up the other 2 soon. (your recommendation and I really like Eden Bradley's work)

Glad you enjoyed.

Heather D said...

Hey Cecile, I'm going to tell you this is definitely one you don't want to let slip through your fingers!! This will have the hussy in you purring!!!

The family is great!

Lea, Yikes you're reading them on my recommendation. You don't know how much I'm jumping right now. I'm normally finding my books because of your recommendations!! I hope you enjoy them and don't come hunt me down later...I'm really not all that worried, these novellas were truly terrific!

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