Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Restraint by Beth Kery

Publisher: Berkley Heat
ISBN-10: 0425227693
ISBN-13: 978-0425227695
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Format: Trade Paperback

From Beth Kery's Website

This time, he’ll never let her go…

Chicago Special Agent Shane Dominic was in love with Laura Vasquez until the day she left him and married another man. Thirteen years may have passed, but Laura’s never disappeared from his fantasies, or destroyed his desire to learn the truth about why she left him. When her husband, the criminal mastermind behind an international ring of thieves, is murdered, Shane knows this is his one last, desperate chance to learn Laura’s secrets. And he’s not above using their scorching hot passion for one another and a little domination to do it.

One look at Shane, and Laura’s own memories come back to haunt her. Her feelings run deep, but she’d never divulge her secrets—a desperate vow that’s compromised when Shane stuns her by taking her as his captive to a secluded cabin. Here, she will finally belong to him, be subjected to his every torturously erotic whim, and be forced to trust him with a shocking truth she’s hidden for so long—one that will expose them to a danger closing in on the both of them.

My Thoughts:

Shane has never gotten over Laura. Their six month relationship ended abruptly when Laura eloped with Huey Mays. Shane has done his best to move on, he has a great career in the FBI and is engaged to a beautiful woman. His position in the FBI has put him right in the middle of the investigation of corrupt cops and Huey Mays is at the top of the list. He hopes that his past relationship with Laura remains hidden so he can finally end the investigation and get the top man in charge. When Huey is found dead, Shane has reason to worry for Laura's safety.

He takes matters into his own hands and risks everything to try to find the truth behind Laura's involvement in this corrupt ring of cops before it is too late. He takes her to a cabin to slowly break down the barriers between them. He executes his plans with white hot passion. Apparently Laura is not so good at hiding the fact that she still burns for her former lover.

Laura has her secrets, ones she must keep hidden or risk the lives of everyone she loves. She learned years ago that she cannot go against what has bound her and determined the path that she has taken. Her husband's death has changed nothing, except maybe putting her in more danger than she has ever been before. Now she has to contend with Shane's domineering need to have her submit and trust him to carry her burdens. This is the last thing she needs, or so she thinks.

Sweet Restraint was smokin' HOT! There is just no other way of putting it. Beth Kery wowed me with Wicked Burn, gained a loyal follower with Daring Time, and Sweet Restraint has me shouting from the roof tops. This author does amazing things!!! Her stories while wickedly hot and push you to the very edge with the sexual tensions and play have a great story with well developed characters that you can fall in love with and a story that will surely pull you in making you turn those pages nonstop and having you begging for more. Not to mention that she always has amazing covers, the Cover Gods must love her! I mean look at this cover... don't you love that those ties are in reach to where she can untie herself if she wants.

Rating: 5 stars


Mary G said...

Excellent review Heather
You put into words exactly how I feel about Beth's books. I have to use extra bookmarks to mark beautiful prose that I want to read over & over again. I want to savor her books but I just can't put them down once I start reading.
Paradise Rules is so good too.

Cecile said...

OMGOSH!!!! I have this on my tbr pile... I can see that coming down this weekend maybe... humm....
Lea is a great pimper for Ms. Kery!! And just from reviews alone I have SR and DT... I am still trying to get my hands on WB!!
So needless to say that I absolutely love your review!!!! You are the frosting on the cake of Beth!!! LOL!!! Not sure if that sounds right or not, lol!!! But you know what I mean!
Have a great weekend honey

Heather D said...

Thanks Mary! I agree, savoring is definitely something that I want to do, but always end up ripping right through it. I haven't gotten Paradise Rules yet. But when I do finally get it, I know I won't be disappointed. I won a copy of Release (Feb 2010)and I can't wait!! BK is becoming my comfort author!

Cecile, you have got to get to reading these books!!! They will certainly blow your hussy side off the charts! Cindy W loaned me WB and ultimately got me hooked on BK. I bought Daring Time and won a copy, which I gifted to Cindy for turning me onto Beth. I got Sweet Restraint for my Kindle, but I know that I need it in print form so that I can have all these wonderful covers to stare at and reread. I haven't bought a copy of WB yet, but it is definitely on my to do list. Nick Savian was a total Alpha male. WB is my favorite by far, maybe b/c it was my first. Have a great weekend!!!

Cecile said...

Oh girl... you know how to push those buttons honey!!! Okay okay... Checking to see what is to be done this weekend or week to come.... humm... making a list... and reading this is at the top!!!! okay... ookay!!! Going to go home and find my two books.... and read read read!!!! =)
Thanks for the push honey!

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! This book is on my wishlist for a while, but I def wanna buy it soon now!

SusiSunshine said...

I won this one and was very happy about that!
Agree with you, her books really rock.
Great review!

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