Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tears Like Rain by Connie Mason

Back Cover: The Maiden
As untamed as the prairie, as free as the wind, she hated what the white men were doing to the Cheyenne. But spirited Tears Like Rain risked her life to save a Calvary officer and make him her slave.
The Soldier
Although the Indians had beaten and stabbed Zach Mercer to the brink of death, the real torture didn't begin until Tears Like Rain rescued him. Never had Mercer ached so desperately for a woman who scorned him. Zach longed to make his beautiful virgin captor desire him as fiercely as she now despised him, but he wouldn't succeed until they both learned a different lesson: that only the bonds of love are unbreakable.
Review: When I first started reading romance Connie Mason was one of my auto buys, at one time I probably owned everything she had published. I went through a very strong Indian/Western romance phase and Mason was the Pooh! I recently ran across this book at my Mom's house and had an almost desperate desire to re-read it. I guess the 15+ years in between the first reading and the second reading served a good purpose... it was like I was reading it for the first time. I really had no recollection of the story; I had no idea what was coming with each turn of the page. Other than a few hang ups with the way some of the conversations sounded (and of course this could just be me) I really enjoyed this re-read. Tears Like Rain did get on my nerves a little, but I guess that is to be expected from a woman who does not trust the man or community that she is with. Mason did an excellent job weaving this story around true events that took place on the western front before the end of the Civil War. I might just have to search out Wind Rider, Tears Like Rain's brother, and continue reading this trilogy.
Rating: 4 stars
448 pages

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