Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Romance Reading Challenge

2008 Summer Reading Challenge
1. Title includes name of flower Ex. Rose:
~For The Rose by Julie Garwood~
2. Title includes the word “LOVE”:
~Let it be Love by Victoria Alexander~
3. Title that has a wedding word Ex. Bride, Ring:
~Secondhand Bride~ Linda Lael Miller~
4. Title with a Color word:
, One Red Rose by Julie Garwood~
5. Book with a ONE word title:
~Outlander by Diana Gabaldon~
6. Read one new author:
~Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase~
7. Title that includes Prince or Princess:
~To Wed a Wicked Prince by Jane Feather~
8. Title with a jewel Ex. Ruby:
~The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh~
9. Title with a word that makes you think of summer: Ex Lake, Hot, Cottage:
~Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas~
10. Title includes a “W” word (any word):
~Wicked by Gregory Maguire~
11. Title that includes a number Ex: 3, Three, Third:
~Lord of a Thousand Nights by Madeline Hunter~
12. Title with a Time Ex: Midnight, Today, Tomorrow:
~Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer~
13. Title with Lord or Lady:
~The Queen's Lady by Shannon Drake
14. Author first or last name begins with “J” for June/July:
~No Choice but Seduction by Johanna Lindsey~
15. Author first or last name begins with “A” for August:
~Smoke Theif by Shana Abe~

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